Time for a Thai meal 

I have had my shower, had a look around the house and swept the tile floor. It’s surprising how dusty it gets, and I do enjoy using the Thai brush that suits the task perfectly, i believe the brush is made from dried grass, but it sweeps up the tiles perfectly. You see them in every thai house. So I get the brush and sweep under the settee and all the floor. As you slowly glide the grass over the tiles, you can see the dust gradually clump together as you move over the tiles. One thing I have discovered, you have to time your sweeps well, as the fan moves too and fro over the room, and if you are not careful your collection of dust will escape efforts and blow across the tiles and you will have to hunt them down again.

So now that I have done my task, i decide to get something to eat. Now, Nui is in Samoeng, so I look around to see what I can cook. Mmmm, I cant be bothered, so decide to pop into the local supermarket and get some food. 

I manage to get Leo into the kitchen area, as I know if I leave him in the garden he will get bored and fid something to keep him occupied, this normally is. not good news for me , last time he dug a hole in my planes area,. He does tend to dog in newly dug ground, so as I have just planted some roses, I do not want to take a chance. So I lock the inside netting door, which also has security bars in it and then the glass door. I go to the gate , slide it back. Making sure I don’t hold it too tight, as it gets hot from the sun and can be sore to hold. And drive out, just enough to give me space to close the gate . 

I get into my pickup and the first thing I have to do is put the A/C on , its hot and the steering wheel is also hot to touch, so it will take a minute or so to be cool enough to touch and be comfortable. I turn left , right and left again and make my way through our Moo Baan. I am always surprised in how wide the road in and being lots of space for driving. Like all estates, you get to know the cars and people who are around , so you always be a bit nosey as to how things are going on with other houses. 

I eventually get to the front gate and as I get to the gate I wave to the security guard and slowly g over the security humps, and get to the T junction onto the road. This is where the fun starts, you do have to be on your guard as the Thais love their scooters and they zip too and fro on the roads. So I turn left and then right and get to and other T junction, this time it a major road , the Hang Dong road and I will sir there for a whole attempting to turn left . Now, in thailand they drive on the left, so when I am turning right I have to slowly force myself, sometimes into the left lane, as the chances of someone letting me out is vey rare. I also make sure I keep an he on my left as its not unusual for a scooter to go against traffic. 


I do enjoy driving in Thailand, its not as bad as other places I have driven. I have lived throughout the world and it is not on the worst place to drive list. As a Falang, it can be difficult, as it is an unwritten rule that you will be at fault of an accident happens and then normal ends in. Putting out money to the other driver. I have a dash cam on all the time, and when you start the car it automatically comes on, so I would recommend it for anyone, for piece of mind.

I pass the North Chiang Mai University and look at the little places on each side of the road. I have eaten in most of these pop up type restaurants. To outsiders they look dirty and unhygienic but they are not. These restaurants are used by the locals and the food is cooked fresh, if they give bad food the locals will not go and they will close very quickly. These restaurants normally concentrate on either rice, noodles etc. I remember driving to Burma with Nui on board, and we wanted noodles and as each restaurant went b she went, no, rice no rice, and eventually found the type of restaurant she wanted. 
After about 10 minutes I see the large sign, BIG C, a large supermarket , similar to Tesco Lotus , I turn into the entrance and park in a space I like, in the shade and close to the entrance. I park near a furniture shop which is also in the complex, and sometimes I look inside, but not too often, as I normally get followed and I hate the silent shop stalker.

I make my way into the supermarket, the main supermarket in on the first floor, and as you walk in there are lots of stalls, selling everything from Tupperware, various foods, clothes underwear and the obligatory lottery seller, offering the Thai lottery tickets, these sellers are everywhere, as well as the mobile ones who approach you in Chiang mai City when you are eating or out and about. I make my way into the building and see lots of tables in front of me, many with people sitting there eating food and chatting. I go to a kiosk and hand over a 100 Bht note and I receive a credit card size card, with a 100 Bht clent on it. I weave my way through the tables toward a row of small kiosks. Each one, has a glass front, where you can see all their various foods and bits need for he making of there various dishes. On top, above them, you can see picture of the dishes they make, and the price each dish costs. 

I walk along these kiosks, looking at their food, mmm which one, most around the same price, 40 – 50 Bht , I narrow my choice down, will it be Kow Ka Moo, slow cooked pork, with rice, pickle and egg or will I have Tum Yam, a noodle dish, in a spicy sour broth. MMMM, I go to the kiosk, and ask the elderly lady there, who , to be honest is getting to know me and I ask for Tum Yam Plaa, ( Fish Tum Yam ) now I have had this at the other Big C, and its not as good as this one, so I don’t order it there any more and love it here. She smiles, and starts to make the dish, in goes some ingredients into the wok, over the fire, the flat spoon, is dipped into one, then two and then several other bowls , and the contents, of various sizes and added to my steaming meal. She adds noodles and with expert ease flips the wok and the contents move around. It does not take long and the bowl with the freshly cooked dish is passed to me. I smile and pass over my card, and she swipes it on a card reader and the 40 Bht taken from my credit. She hands me my card with a receipt and I thank her.

I look around and find a table and when I have put my bowl of loveliness onto it and look for the station that contains spoons and chop sticks. I grab a spoon and chop sticks and settle down to a wonderful meal. 

It’s wonderful , its hot and tasty and I know from before that my forehead will start to sweat as the spicyness grows. The good thing about going to thai restaurants you will always get condiments. There will be about four different things you can add yo your meal, in some place a lot more. There will be chilli oil or just chilli flakes, vinegar , sugar and fish sauce, there will rarely be salt, as fish sauce is what the Thais use instead of salt. In some places you will have bowls of whole chilli’s, bean sprouts or garlic, 

So , I remember ( This time ) to return to the kiosk that issued my card and get my balance. 

My tummy filled and feeling better I make my way home. Happy, and full. 

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