It’s harder this year being away from my Hang Dong home

It been a lot harder this year coming to the to work, I work about 5 – 6 months a yearn the UK to get extra money. Last year was not that bad, but this year is a lot harder. I think it’s because I had spent 6 months at home and over the last year we have made a home, like everyone the house startedwith a shell of a building, then before I left, it became a home. There is still a lot to do but it’s a home. 

For those who follow my blog will know, that my Thai mum died recently and that has made my stay in the U.K. a lot harder. I had a chat with my wife and we decided that it would better for me to stay in the UK, rather than return home. The Thai’s do not hang around, so the funerals for my mum would be buried well before I could get a ticket, that, as well as taking a pragmatic view.  I am here in the UK, to save money and it would cost nearly £800 for a return ticket, even more due, to the time constraints, to return home. That is not including the money I would loose, by not working. 

So yes, it was and is hard. I so wanted to return home to be their for Nui, I know she would be missing her mum so much. She would talk to her every day, and was a friend as well as a Mum. So Nui has lost a friend, a mum as well as company. 

I have lost family member before and know how hard it is , to sort things out, and mums home is will be full of memories and another memory would be waiting around yet another corner. Nui has a tendency to “Kit Kit Mak Mak” think too much. And she has told me that she cannot stay at her mums house alone. 

It’s hard, the loss of a close one, and even harder when your partner is 1000’s of miles away. I phone Nui every day, and being on nights does make it easier and in the early hours , while I am working, I can talk to her , morning time in thailand.  

It’s hard for me too. I don’t think I have really expressed my feelings about loosing my Mum, the longer I have known her the more I loved her. I will miss her laugh and miss her hugs. When you have no one to hug and let go, you hold it in and as I am working most days , you , I just torn off and concentrate on the present and not your inner feelings.

I do look at my Facebook posts as well as photographs, and smile , looking back in time and seeing how wonderful she was. She love Leo too, and I can remember how hurt she was when our first puppy dies, Lucky. It was really her dog ( Much to my annoyance at the time ) and Lucky loved to hid in mums skirts when I played with him. She cried so much Helen her died and Nui and I had to discuss about getting another dog, as we did not want her to be upset again and get attached again. That was the reason I went overboard with injections and tablets with Leo. 

I Can’t wait to get home, which is just over a m on the and a half time, and big Nui and be there for her, I suspect I will let go and start my grieving process, and I am sure Nui will too. So it will be a mixed time. Chris , my son, will also be with me, and that will be ace, he needs a break, and we will be staying in Bangkok for a night, as I want to see Thee , my son , who lives in Bangkok and hopefully my granddaughter Magic and daughter Ying too. 

I have still a lot to do in my time lift in the UK, I will need to spend more on things I need, I need to sort out my Visa to enter Thailand, the normal 30 day tourist Visa is not good enough for me, so I have made an appointment to see the Royal Thailand Consulate in Cardiff to get my 90 day visa. This will give me time to get my marriage visa sorted. I also have to sort out documents , well get them legalised in both the British government as well as the thai embassy before I return . It’s a lot easier to do here in the Uk and in Thailand as a lot cheaper. We will get those documents translated in Thailand which is cheaper to do there. I will do a blog about that later as it needs to be done if you need a marriage Visa and it needs to be done here, as its a lot easier than trying to do in in Thailand, as only find out in Thailand because no one in the Thai embassy or Thai consulate tells you this, to my annoyance. 

Thank you for your comment.

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