One small step in front of another

I can hear Leo crying from my bedroom, i am lying in bed, chilled and I look at my watch. It’s 6:10am and time to get out of bed and face the onslaught, that is called Leo. I walk into the living room , and turn left to the kitchen door. I can hear Leo waiting, ready to pounce. I unlock the first mesh door, used to keep out the mozzies but let the wind through. He is kept n the kitchen , as he would not let us alone if he was ion the living room, that, and the fact Thai’s, do not let dogs in the house, so its a compromise. I will not let him stay in the garden, as he will start to dig when he gets bored. He has been trained to stay in the kitchen over night so its best to keep things as they are.  

Then I open the door, and there he is, treating me as if he has not seen me in years, his rump swinging from side to side and he starts to jump to me. I always smile, its the same every day and the same enthusiasm every day. I walk toward the front door, Leo crying and drumming around my legs. I open the two doors and let him free. 
He runs into the garden and starts to sniff around and eventually dogs what he needs to do and then settles down
I will go to the kitchen and plug the water heater. I had never seen one of these things before, in the Uk we have kettles. This looks like a large thermos flask, and you plug it in, and it brings the tear to boiling point and keeps it there. You press a button on the top and the water comes out the spout and there you have it. You just top it up now and then.
So I get my Milo chocolate drink, and walk to the table outside. This is where I chill and soak in the sun, sights and the smells. I look at the table, its made of cut tree, you can see the tree rings, and is had nice little irregular holes, on the side, and wood placed under the holes so you have nice unique places to put your mug. The seats are the same, irregular seats made from fallen trees. I love this table set, and its nice and varnished . 
I look around, my skin loving the warm sun, even at this time of the morning, enjoying the morning coolness, knowing the the heat will grow until around 3pm, when it is at its hottest. I look at the sky, nope, no rain today, a clear blue sky with a few white fluffy clouds moving slowly across the sky, looking as if they are enjoying the cool clear weather as much as I am.  
I see a few small birds flying too and from a huge tree, the tree has vines flowing from the top, wearing them like a nice flowing coat, covering, hiding the birds nests from unwanted gazes. Every morning, at dawn and at dusk, the hidden homes emptying in the morning in waves of birds . Appearing from the green coat of the tree, as I watch, I wonder how many nests the green coat hides. Then in the evening, I see the birds return, disappearing behind the hundreds of vines, all called from an invisible sign to return home and rest for the night. It’s also a sign for me to close the net shutters on my windows and doors, from the on coming night attack of the mozzies. Then my house pets, as I call them, come out and sit , very still, and wait near the lights and pounce on any insects that come near by. My pet geckos, I remember counting 13 one night, all sitting still, on the ceiling and walls. Some, spend the day hiding in the nooks and crannies around the house. Sometimes I see one, come over the garden wall, navigate the grass, to his or her nightly trek for juicy insects.       

It’s quiet, peaceful and a great time of the day, a time to reflect and it’s that time of the day when my mind can go to the good parts of my life as well as the darker times. Looking around soaking in the heat and y surroundings, I still have an inward smile, smiling at were I am now and were I was before. Many a time, when thinks were at its darkest and there seemed no way out, I would focus on the future, that unknown future, was it 6 months or 6 years away ?, I had no idea. All I knew was I had to take one step at a time. The is a Buddhist saying, “Every Journey, now matter how long, starts with one step” That one step, then, another step, each small hard step, was the start of the journey here. This very place.
I do often wonder where my continuing journey will take me. 
One more step.  

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