I am back in Thailand

Well here I am , a week or so back home in Chiang Mai. The trip here took over a day and it was great being with Chris my son, as it helped a lot.

The things I needed and the reasons I returned to the UK to work have been done, the kitchen is ace, we now have an extension to the rear of our house, where there was a space is now a tiled raised floor with a kitchen area, two doors and its secured with two doors on the side.

I now have a 50″ TV which is ace, as well as a Magic box, which I got from a mate, and I can watch all the films and TV series I could ever want, including some shows I have never heard of as they are from the states and not shown over in the UK.
As I type I can hear the drilling of the guys here to fit my air-conditioner into the living room. I have worked out the needs of the living room and need an A/C that turns out a Max of 18,000 btu (British thermastater hour. So I am happy.
Every now and then I am reminded of what is is like being here in the land of smiles. :-
(A/C) fitter to me ” Where do you want the compressor ?”

Me ” I’d like it here ” pointing to the top of the wall near the roof , on the opposite side of the A/C unit”

Fitter ” You can’t have it there it’s too close to the roof ”

Me ” What about there ” pointing again to another space in the wall.

Fitter ” You can’t have it there either as it’s too far away”

Me ” Where can I have it then”

Fitter pointing to a space between the windows “There”

Me ” Ok then have it there ”

This was through my wonderful translator Nui, this my friends, is a typical too and fro in Thailand, being polite they ask you want, then politely tell you you cant have it, then tell you what you can have. No, in the UK you would be told the options to stop you going into this circle of questions and for me frustrations, as I can see it coming and can do nothing about it.

Ah, I hear you ask, ask where you can put it first, mmmm , no they still ask you what you want, before going through the same process.

So as I was typing this, I was then interrupted, and asked by the very same nice fitter ” Where do you want to put the remote control” a fitting that the remote sits on the wall. I then point to the right hand side of the door, “There” he then said , pointing at near the light socket, on the opposite said of the door. “It’s best there” so that’s were it went.
Several people, who have lived here for a one time, have told me, “Don’t fight it, accept it, or you will go mad and loose”
While waiting for the fitter’s to arrive the electric went down, this is a common occurrence here , normally when there is a storm. So waiting for them to arrive and also being 3 hours late.

This may seem like a complaint, well it’s not, it’s a bump to reality, Thai reality, as all this is so familiar and even though its soooo annoying, its sooo Thailand, the Thailand I love.


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