It has been an interesting few months 

Well , I have been here for about three months and I have neglected my blog on sorry for that.

It’s been and interesting few months with mainly ups and a few downs that all is well. I have always wanted a dog and because of my job and other things, it was not fair to get a dog as I could not look after it and have a good environment for it to live. So one of the first things I got when I arrived back in Chiang Mai was a puppy. That wonderful puppy and almost grown up  dog is called Leo, he is 5 months old now and I have had him for 4 months. He has grown a lot , and is full of fun and great to be with.

Have been concentrating on my garden , which is going well, I have taken up a few hedges and replaced them with a nice rose garden. It is still not complete, but I am happy with the out come so far. I will be taking out the remaining hedges soon and at the moment I have about 8 rose plants of various colours and sizes and intend to buy a few more to make my little rose garden complete. Nui says she will water them when I return to the UK, for 5 months, and I intend to plant a few more flowers and other seedlings I have started before I go, so she will not have to do too much when I am not here.

Nui plans to re soil the garden, as there are lots of dips and it’s not very even , as the soil is settling in, so we hope after the extra soil it will be level. She will do this while I am in the UK, so that will take a bit of pressure from me. She is ace at organising things, so I know the garden is in safe hands .

When I was in the UK working last year, I was saving to buy things here, my pension is ok, and enough to live on, but not enough to get the expensive things. So because of my last years trip to the UK, I have a nice new air conditioner, for the living room and  the funny thing is, I have never used it , well not yet, as it has not been that hot. Last year it got to over 43 C and boy, did I want one then. So it’s there for the very hot days in hot season. Nui says it uses a lot of electricity , so we use it sparingly. We can use it as a fan without the A/C as it has a fan setting and heating setting too.

I also bought a nice big screen TV and sound bar, as I know that I will be spending a lot of time watching TV and DVDs. I also got a Kodi set, while in the UK and it has made my life a lot better. I can watch any TV series and catch up with current ones, as well as keeping in touch with the TV at home. It may not seem much but it stops you from being home sick. The good thing is as well, there are a lot of TV series from the States, a lot I have not even heard of, so it has been fun looking at them as well .

It does seem sad , me sitting watching the TV, but unlike a lot of retired people living here, my pension is fine but it’s not  a lot, but  I can live comfortably here but not in luxury.

I do enjoy the peace and quiet here, which our house has lots of, playing with Leo and doing the garden  I find very relaxing. I do photography, planting and a bit of reading , and as I can’t go and playing golf and other things the ex-pats do , as it’s expensive, I am happy with my lot.

I love my house, so I am constantly doing a bit of painting here and a little bit there. I also have a nice new pickup and enjoy driving exploring the country, as well as spending a lot of time in Samoeng where my Thai Mum lives.

I have started cycling and put together by two hybrid mountain bikes and as they were shipped from the UK, I have put them together and enjoy cycling around the area exploring. That, as well as walking Leo around the Moo Baan.

I have managed to find bits and bods of UK food and things like that, makes life a little better. Things like HP sauce, cheese, crackers, baked beans, bread and lots of other things that make a meal better.
Having two halogen ovens and a bread maker does bring a bit of the UK to home.

In the last few weeks I have been trying to sort out my Visa here, its been a headache but that will be explained in another blog, I hope it will help others in a similar situation when applying for a marriage Visa.

Thank you for your comment.

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