Just 3 weeks to go

Well here I am sitting watching the TV as I type this blog. I am trying to get some small amount of enthusiasm for the next three nights ahead. I am on nights, 7pm to 7am and driving a large heavy goods vehicle to boot. I have done this before and the first night is the worst. I will be driving around 4 hours or so a night and a lot of hand balling (Manual work) . The truck I will be driving is comfy and nice to drive, it’s about 20 ton and quite long as well.

I will be doing three on and three off but the second and third days off I will work up at EMA. I am so aware that the time is ticking and it’s only 4 pay packets before I get on my plane and get home. Chris will be with me on my flight as he is staying for a month and I can’t wait.

It’s funny, when I came over to the UK, I had all these plans, what to get and what to save, and life being as it is, mmm nope it did not go as planned lol.

Time flies, and in one hand I can’t wait to get home and relax and in the other hand I want more time to get the stuff and money I would like . Oh the joy.

It has been hard, harder than I thought it would be, the good thing, and the thing that is making it harder, the company need you to do more overtime this year due to extra work. So more work, but less time to recover.

I have been thinking about whether I should or should not return next year, 5 months away ids a long time from your home and your wife, not to mention living at a friend’s house and not really having your roots planted. Paul, the great guy from work, who has let me use a bedroom, has been brilliant and we have gotten. On got on very well, this has helped, as he is on nights and I am on days and during his days for he has been out and about.

So, as I can see the finishing line, and feel the weariness of the 5 or so months behind me, I am looking forward to my well deserved rest and doing, bugger all. So will I come back next year, well, I think so, but that will be 6 and a bit months or so away. I think the determining factor Wil be the money , as it always is, we still have a lot to do, and sort out and like homes and plans everywhere that needs money.



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