Eating an elephant

I was at work a few days ago when one of my work mates, a friend, came up to me and said that the advice I gave him was brilliant and it helped him and his wife a great deal. He mentioned I told him about eating an elephant and then I remembered what I had said . So I decided to put this to paper and hope it would help someone else.

I would love to say the whole thing was my idea But it wasn’t. So where did I get it from. One of my close friends asked me to be with her when she got her result of a biopsy , there was slump in her breast and when she has mentioned it to me I has said to go to the doctors about it.

When she was told the result, she was told that it was cancer and the prospects of surviving was very good. During one of the following meetings, a MacMillen Nurse ( For those of my readers who do not live in the UK, a MacMillen nurse is a specialist nurse who deal with cancer patients and their families) talked to her and explained to her what was ahead.
It was during one of the following chats that the nurse told he that she has to treat the Chemotherapy that is ahead. It would be unpleasant as well as lengthy.
She said the best way to deal with is would be like eating an elephant. Well you look at it and think, goodness there is no way I can eat all that, it’s large and an unthinkable and at times unpleasant task.
So, she said my you have to start, and do it in small bites and keep going, one small bite after another. there will be times where it’s easy and other times a lot harder, but the main thing is to keep going.

I remembered this, and when things got hard for her, I reminded her and of course gave her encouragement.
All things worked out for my friend, it was a long time but she won and is now free of cancer and a survivor.
I have found that this , “eating an elephant” is a great way of dealing with a lot of problems and situations. My current situation is typical, 5 months of work away from my home and wife, and the way I deal with is my eating my elephant, so with a month or less to go , my elephant has amost gone.


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