Pokemon Go 

It’s been funny, me .I am  Almost 60, walking around playing Pokemon Go, and I must confess the reason I started was a simple one. Chris, plays it a lot, going out of the house to clear his mind and walking for miles looking for Pokemon.

Now Chris does not contact me much, it’s no hassle as I am use to it, it’s the way he is, and to be honest he takes after his grandfather Fox, who is very similar . So Chris is very much into it , so I thought OK let’s see if I can play it, only a bit so we have something in common,

So I started to play it and got into it to be honest, and yep, it worked, Chris and I started to chat more and our experiences , hunts and catches. So I was so pleased when I read that Pokemon Go is now available in Thailand, so when he comes with me to Chiang Mai, we will go out hunting and be really sad together.

It is a great way to go for walks, get around and get out of the house. I use to go for walks, when I was worried , or down or just needed some fresh air, and now I have another reason to walk, and keep myself interested while I go for these walks .
Don’t work I will not be talking about gaining as I am not an expert, but is fun and you are never too young to try to enjoy new things.


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