It’s been a hard few weeks

It’s been a hard few weeks, I have left Chiang Mai and returned to Birmingham for a few months. I had planned this before going to Thailand, as I need some extra money to sort out a few things for our home.
When I left for Thailand I had booked a return ticket so I could work back at the airport for a season over the summer. I am glad I had planned this as there are a lot of things I need to make out home a bit better. I thin a lot of people, well especially in Thailand, who think as a Falang we are rich and can afford a lot of thing. I wish this was the case , but even though I have a reasonable pension, it’s not that big I can buy large purchases.
So I need, a new kitchen, the Thai’s call it a smelly kitchen, it”s a kitchen that’s outside the house and the smells of cooking are kept outside and not inside the house.
I have been in the UK for about 2 months and it has taken that time just to pay for the expense of living and sorting it transport. So this week has been the first time I have sent back some money.
The Brexit situation has not helped much to me honest as the Pound Stirling has dropped considerable so the money I earn has lost value in the process of being exchanged. I send Stirling to my Thailand bank and they exchange it to Baht. The exchange rate it better there than here, so sending Stirling to Thailand is better than it being converted here and then being sent.
As well as the kitchen I will also be getting an air conditioner for the living room and the bedroom, as well as a few other things. All in all, a few thousand pounds will be needed.
I have learnt a few things while I have been away, one thing I was worried about, the question of , would I miss my Thai home. The answer is a big yes, I now consider my home in Thailand my home.
I have been working hard, Monday to Friday , 12 hours a day, the only thing that is annoying is the tax I end up paying. It seems when you have a pension and also decide to work extra, you get hammered with tax, a third of my pay at the moment is taken on tax.
I find it amusing , when people in the Uk , say that those who move abroad should not return for medical treatment or use the NHS. I understand their logic, but they seem to forget that I pay tax on my pension and I use nothing in the UK while living abroad. While those who live in the UK, do not work, but claim from the government, while never adding to the countries pot by working. interesting.
So , I am I the UK for the next few months, and looking to book a flight (With my son, who we stay with us for a month) in the second week of October. So until then, it’s head down and work as much as I can to get as much as I can for our home. I can’t wait until I am on that plane on my way back home, Andy also so looking forward to showing Chris , my so the house and how it has come on since he saw it soon after it was bought.
I can only apologise for my lack entries in my blog, I hope to remedy this once I get back home and have full access to my computer, and get my wi if sorted too.
I have just recently booked my flight , and Chris’s, to Chiang Mai, so that is something to smile about. It’s just over two months to go and I can’t wait. Work is continuous and at times I only take on day off, and as they are 12 hour shifts , it’s grinding, but I remind myself why I am doing it , and focus on the finishing post, it helps.
At times I feel alone, and feel a loss of stability, as I have been moving about from one apportion to another to help out. Don’t get me wrong I agreed to go, as the money is better, but on this current stint of work, I will have been working for three weeks without a day off.
The money is good but could be better. I contacted my Tax office to ask about my tax code and they basically told me that everything I earn, apart from my pension, I will get taxed at 20%.
I chat to Nui, my wife every day, or most days, and the best time for me is in the morning on the way to work, as she is 6 hours in front, it’s better for me at 5:30am to chat to her as I am driving to work ( Using hands free of course)
At times I do feel sad, or depressed, as I miss my home and I have to just ride it out and reassure myself of the reason why I am here. It was funny, as yesterday , it was very sunny, 26 degrees, and it make me home sick, granted it’s not as hot as Chiang Mai, but the sunny weather reminded me of what I was missing. It was about the same temperature as Chiang Mai mornings, when I would get up and have a cup of chocolate used on our table .
So, I hope I will update the blog soon with other entries and thanks again for taking time out to read my entries, it makes it work it.
Please feel Free to comment or contact me and ask questions or whatever.



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