The “Tham boon keun baan mai” ceremony.    

I have been in Thailand now for about two months and things are falling into place.
I think I explained earlier in another post that Nui and I will spend most of our time at our mums village, which is about 90 minutes away from our home. As I am only stay in. In Thailand for about 3 months before I go back for a few months to earn some extra money.
So what has happened since my last update, well , we have bought a pickup , a settee, a mattress, a fridge, washing machine, a small TV, a stand for the TV as well as having satellite connected. The most recent , well yesterday, we had a wooden dining table and chairs , made from refurbished bits of wood, it is lovely and heavy too. 
The “Tham boon keun baan mai” ceremony.    

Our house has been blessed by no less than 5 monks, even though there were 9 monks in attendance, from 3 different temples, a ceremony which, no matter how many people I asked, the symbols were not explained to me, so it’s all down to a quick search on Google. The day before, a man from our mums village, came to our house prepares it for the monks, I like a good Falang, drove the pick up with lots of stuff in the back, string was placed around the whole house, so it was inside the string, and three posts were fixed into a three sided pyritise=which was placed in one room as well as a shrine and mats for the monks to sit.
The next day the monks duly arrived as well as all the other arrangements that Nui had sorted. Lots of guests, friends and the lady we had paid to feed them all. 
I am not going into all the ceremony, but from what I can tell you are the things I know. Nui and I where asked to sit under the tri-pyramid, and the monks began to chant in unison. After a while we were asked to put the string around our head and at the same time all the monks and ourselves had to hold the string in our hands . The string is also attached to the Buddha statue at the shine. The sting connects the Buddha to everyone holding the string as well as the whole of the house. Later on we had to slowly pour some water into a vessel, this I was told alter was to get rid of bad spirits etc. 
The whole ceremony lasted about 45 minutes and I must confess, the monks chanted all in Nixon and it became very meditative, and relaxing, eve thought I had to move a few times as I was getting pins and needles in in feet. 
When the ceremony finished, we had pieces of string placed on both wrist as well as them being blessed, and had a picture and a gold flag to pl;ace on our Buddha shrine. Which he don’t have sorted yet.
Now that the house has been blessed, Nui is happier staying in the house and since the blessing we have spent almost all our time at hour home and not at mums. 
The ship containing our stuff from the UK, should be arriving in about 2 weeks or less, well that is what we have been told. This ship was in Singapore last time I looked on the shipping tracking system. Let’s hope that it goes through the customs without a hitch, as Thailand is rebound for having to , “assist” the movement of stuff, with a few 1000 Bht. I have paid from door to door delivery, so I have been told from friends here that this would be included in the price, as shippers pre pay for the space in Bangkok for your stuff. We will wait and see.
Al our stuff in in my wife Thai name, as you do not have to pay duty if a Thai person is returning to Thailand, except it has to be wishing 6 months of their arriving in Thailand;and, we are slightly out by a week or so. Nui has sent a copy of out house registration, her Thai ID card, her passport and directions to our house, to the shippers, so that our stuff can be put onto a truck to here.
So a lot has been happening, and when our stuff arrives, it will be the completion of our move.

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