Two Months Since Moving to My Chinag Mai Home

It’s been about two months since I arrived in Chiang Mai and moved from Birmingham. The last two months up to that point was a lot harder than I thought , if it hard not have been for the help of Chris, it would have been a lot harder and would have taken a lot longer. It was also his mental support that made it easier as well as realising how Chris had matured.
One of the things I kept looking forward to, and kept me going, was the thought of sitting on that plane, all the moving, lifting organising behind me and the start of my new life in another country.
So when I was on the plane, the relief was great, the knowledge that all the things I had sorted and planned and been completed ( Well almost ) and the stress was behind me.
The trip went well and when I arrived at Chiang Mai, Nui and I spent a few days in a hotel before going to Mum’s and staying in her house in the village. The reason for staying at mum’s, was simple, our house had nothing in it, well apart from two beds with no mattresses. So it was not very practical to stay there.
So with that in mind, and with the savings I had in Thailand, we went out and bought a mattress , as one was being sent from the UK in our container we did not need two. We also bought a water cooler, fridge, washing machine, a dining room table and chairs, made from refurbished wood, which is outside the front door in the car port, several sun umbrellas, a settee , a small TV installed satellite and a few other bits and bods. Not to forget a wonderful 4 door pickup truck.
So, Now that our house has been blessed by the monks, we spend all our time in our house and it has now become our home. Our container is on its way to Bangkok and we have competed the paperwork and we are hoping all goes well with the customs. So when we get our container the house will be a lot more crowded and more like a complete home, if you understand what I mean. A home is not the contents but the people in it and I know the contents will make it more like a home.
I had bought stuff in the Uk that are of better quality and other items that can’t be obtained here. So these are the things that will make life a bit better, overall.
So what have I or we been doing, well not a lot, if the truth be known. We have been watering the garden, as it was rock hard and the grass needed a lot of water, I painted the front area of the car port in preparation for the table and chairs. Most days we rest, or drive into Chiang Mai and relax. I must confess it does feel like a holiday, resting, drinking beer and lemonade, and just enjoying the heat. It feels like several holidays I have spent in Spain, or Greece etc, except this is permanent.
Finding out the odd behaviours , the beautiful culture of Thailand has been great, and at times very very frustrating. I was given advice , from several Falange living over here, and married to Thai ladies, the advice is simple, “Don’t fight the culture, accept it, as you won’t win” So with that advice in mind, I have had to hold my tongue and not try to think, over think or ask “Why” just except. To be honest a lot of the Thais have no idea why either and they just except too.
You may be asking , what’s he talking about, just accept and not giving examples, well I may, or most likely be giving examples later in other blogs, but enough to say, something the Thia’s do, or the way they do things seem, we, silly or does not make sense, when you see things like that, you can ask, which I generally do, and when I get a look that says ” Why are you asking” or “Because that’s the way it has always been’. I leave it and just smile and carry on.
So any regrets, so far ?, well, none. Perhaps do it sooner, would be the only one.
What do I miss ? , Well certain food, Fish and chips, potatoes ( They only seem to sell one type of spud here) good bread , the bread here is a sweet bread, UK TV, but I do manage to watch some stuff on BBC I player, as well as being able to go to certain shops and buying the thing I need, for around the house etc. Here in Thailand they have different makes and brands and do things in a certain way, as well and not sell items you are used to. So you manage to find the equivalent , if there is one. The help of other Falange does help, as they have managed to find places that serve fish and chips, or sell other stuff.

So al in all, the past two months have been great and a settling in period, as well as finding wrinkles in admin and settling in.

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