Thailand’s Buddhist Dogs

I suppose if you are looking for a Buddhist dog, Thailand is the place to find one.

For those of you who may not understand Buddhism, I will have to explain my reasoning. (See link below for Karma) There is also an arguable parallel with the Cristian belief of  “Predestination”   Which is in the strain of Protestantism theology called Calvinism, ( See link below)

As a Buddhist and living in a Buddhist country, I believe I have seen and I understand (In some part) the Thai people. To understand the Thai people their values and views of life, you have to understand their religion , Buddhism. (I do believe that this is the same of any culture and country) Karma is a central part of the Buddhist belief, and I see it every day, it may not be obvious but you can see it in the way people act and behave toward you and situations.

Most people have heard of karma, or heard the expression , “What comes around goes around” Which is karma in its simpler form. The Thai’s belief in Karma goes a lot deeper and is more complicated. They believe, and so do I for that matter, that your actions in this life, effects you in this life, or effects you in your next life. So if you say negative things, do negative things, or do or say positive things, these actions will return and effect you. My wife has a saying “Back on me” Which is karma, if she says something negative or detrimental about someone , she stops and says oh “Back on me” and stops. As she realises that her negative comments will come back to her. A good example of this  was when I had put weigh on and she was saying I was too heavy, later , when she came back to Thailand, and loves her food she started to gain some weight, and she said to me, “Back on me for saying you were too fat”. Ironically I am loosing a lot of weight, due to the healthiness of the food here and the lack of potatoes , bread and chips I have not eaten, mainly due to the lack of access to my favourite carbs.

The Thais and Buddhist in general believe that if your time is up, then your time is up, and as an ex soldier there was also a saying that is similar “If it’s your time it’s your time, there may be a bullet with your name on it”
So, why am I explaining Karma, well, as I have explained Karma is an integral part of Buddhism and Thai life, which takes me onto my Buddhist dogs.

The dogs over here in Thailand are amazing, apart from being timid, and I have rarely be scared of any here, they don’t seem to care at all about anything. So there was I , driving your large pickup truck, and in front of me is this dog, He/she was standing on the centre of the road, right in front of me, looking across to the other side of the road, and just stays there, not caring or unaware of the danger he/she was in. So you have several choices , well apart from running the dog over, 1) stop, and use your horn to warn the canine that I was there, or 2) swerve around the statue of a dog and continue on my journey.

I have tried all of the above previously, ( Apart from the running the dog over) and the sounding of the horn ,had worked previously, well mainly, on most occasions you see the offending dog, look at you, then slowly stroll  begrudgingly out of my path.
On one occasion, I had parked in the town of Pai, and my good lady had gone to get something from a stall, Due to the heat I stayed in our vehicle to enjoy the air con . When she returned she noticed a dog, asleep about a foot in front of our car, she tried to shoo it away but with no success. I started the engine, sounded my horn and eased forward,nope, still no movement. It was only when a stall owner came over and using her brush, she brushed the sleeping dog away.  The dog then moved a bit to the side then slumped and resumed the same position, just far enough for me to avoid him/her.

So my assumption, the dogs in Thailand must be Buddhist, as they act like Karma rules their lives, if they are going to get run over, they will, and act accordingly. They will run round, run out in front of you, in front of cars on the road, and in some occasions they, well, strolled in front of you, they do so, not just as an individual , but in groups as well. It’s common to see a sleeping dog on the road , on the road, not just on the footpath.

So when you are driving in this land of smiles, keep an eye on these wonderful Buddhist dogs.

Predestination in Calvinism :-

Karma the meaning :-


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