Not Everything Goes to Plan 

Not everything goes as plans I am sitting here, alone, in our house in Hang Dong, I drove down here this morning and I do this now and then to get some space and to have some me time. I will be staying the night here, for the first time, as we normally return to Mum’s after spending the day here.
I have not added an entry to the blog for a while, there is a reason for this . It has been an up and down week and I have had to get over the loss of my dog Lucky.
I think I might have mentioned in a previous entry, well if not, now. U have never had a dog, it has been one of those things I have always wanted, but as I have been working shifts, lived in a flat and various other reason it was nor right to have a dog, as I wanted to look after him or her, in the right way.
So when I was waiting to come over here and Nui was already here, her aunts dog had puppies and Nui took a dog, called Lucky, and we had finally had a dog. I cried when I was told and I was surprised at my reaction and then realised how much I wanted a dog. I was taken by surprise by my reaction.
So when I arrived, one for the things I was looking forward to was to meet my new member f the family, he was a bit shy, and it took a while for him to come to me and start to play. He had, after all been with Nui and Mum for a month or so before this stranger arrived.
Lucky would disappear in the garden and het covered in dirt and all sorts and I have never seen a dog eat everything, he would eat noodles rice, well everything to be honest. The Thais , in general, do not treat pets the same as we do in the UK, dogs are everywhere, and you see them lie on the road, and getting up just as you drive near, and I learned that they are fed on the scraps after meals. They are not washed and the word pet is very loose here and many are not allowed into the house.
It was when Luck stopped eating and drinking that we stared to worry, Mum said that a lot of dogs had dies with sine thing similar , so on the flowing Monday we took Lucky to a small animal Hospital and after an examination we were told that Lucky had Parvovirus, so we took him to an animal clinic and he stayed there for about a week before he succumbed to it.
I found out that Lucky had not been vaccinated and after his death I spent a few days reflecting and blaming myself. It was hard, I had been with Lucky for about 3 weeks and he took a piece of my heartened he will always be with me.
I had mixed emotions, as about the same time I receive our brand new car, all smelling nice and new and out was a four door pick up, Isuzu. So I used my new toy and drove a lot, as it’s a way I reflect, calm down and relax. I also walked around the village, taking photographs as well.
I have set down with Nui and we decided that we will get another dog, when I return from the UK in October. We will be staying more at Hong Dong, and our stuff will have arrived from the Uk as well and the house will be more like a home.
Reality does come with a thump and the sad thing is, Luckys mum and sister also died in the last week, also of the same thing, unlike Lucky that only lasted a day before cercomming to the virus, I believe, because of the way we looked after Lucky and fed him with dog food as well as leftovers Lucky lasted longer as he was stronger.
To be honest I am still getting over the los of Lucky and now and then I have a little tear, just for him.
Miss you my friend xx



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