A week into my new life

As the title says it’s a week, or a bit more since I have arrived in Chiang Mai and it still feels more like a holiday than a relocation. I was here a year or two ago, for a month, that’s when I found and nought our house , it does feel like that, in a way.

I am staying with our mum, in a village in Samoeng. I have stayed here a few times and I do find it resting and there are no luxuries, as we would call them. The shower is straight from the pipes and in the morning its freezing, but, my goodness it wakes you up, as well as refreshing before you go to bed. The villagers now know me, and every now and then they pop in and say hi to mum and sometimes look at this big foreigner within their midst.

There are a few Falang here, I have met one before, he is from Norway and owns a house at the top of the village and a few days ago met another one , who is from Australia. Both are married to villagers and have set up home here. Is I will have a few people to chat to and have a few drinks worth when I do stay here, which I will, from time to time.

Lucky , my dog, he is getting to know me, he has been here for some time, we got him from the next door neighbour, who’s dog had a litter. I must admit, Nui and her mum have always resisted getting a dog, saying that they hate pets and dogs, well, I sit there, and watch them both, they are smitten, Lucky hides in Mums skirts and all I can here is Nui and Mum playing and talking to him constantly.

Fortunately I took some dog toys with me from th UK, and at first, Lucky was cautious of them,  and now?, well he loves them. Nui and Mum laugh when they seen me play with him, grabbing his snout, pushing him away , all the things you do with a playful pup. They had no idea how to play with a dog, it’s understandable, as over here they are more for hunting and protection than a pet and playing with a dog is not the norm.

Since I arrived, and saw what I have been doing, they have  been playing with him too. Before I arrived he was chewing  the shoes and flip-flops, now  he has been leaving them alone and not chewing things. I had to explain that he is a child and gets bored , so I am teaching Lucky and the family together .
He is getting use to me now, but still not 100%  at ease with me, as he is with Mum and Nui, but then again, he has been with them since he was a young pup and I have only been here for a week. He is a great dog, gentle, does not bark much and is very affectionate, so a great family pet. I think a large part of him is a golden retriever , he love nothing better than to fetch his toys when they are thrown away from him.

I have convinced Nui we need to get proper dog food for him as he eats scraps and leftovers. It normal here for the dogs to eat the scraps, and he is great at it, he eats watermelon, mango, noodles pork and anything put in front of him. You have to be careful, as if we give him a bone, he disappears and buries it, and he comes back, his snout dirty and the bone gone, only to reappear now and then. I have to be careful at our home when he goes there, as I do not want my nice garden covered in holes.
We have ordered a car and we are waiting for it to arrive, we hope in the next few days or week or so as its Thailand. We also looked for stuff for the house and ordered then over the past few days, they will be arriving soon, well  Saturday to be precise, we will have a large fridge, mattress , washing machine, sofa TV, TV stand and satellite will all arrive, making an empty house closer to a home. I had no intention on getting a TV, as we had to look after our money and as I was only staying for three months until I Return to the UK, I wanted a Smart TV and was going to wait, but we were given an offer of a free satalite TV installation with a 6 months subscription, so we sat and agreed that it was worth it, but I then had to get a TV as a satalite would be no use without one. I got a small TV until I get a bigger one when I get back. Unfortunately they could not offer me Internet as they did not cover our area.

The washing is a top loader, I have not seen one of those for a very long time, my mum used them, but there are common over here, more so than the front the loader.

The weather here has been ace, a nice 17 degrees C, in the morning , gradually rising to around 33 degrees C at around 5pm, then lowering again. I know it will get constantly hotter as the months go on toward summer. We only have fans at Mums, and we use them in the summer. I will have to get some later for our house, as we have no fans or air conditioners.

I was watering the garden yesterday at our house, using a home Nui bought, when the hose exploded, he he, I was covered in water, it was an expandable hose, and it was not secured properly to the nozzle. It was not an expensive one, so I will have to get a better one, as I brought some good nozzles and connectors from the UK, and they won’t fit the one I have at the moment

The house in Hang Dong is very quite, situated in the corner of the Moo Baan, and will be a place of relaxation and rest, so looking forward to chill time and relaxing.

I met a nice man at the gym area, he is from Scotland and Nui could not understand him. His son has a few places here and he is staying at one of his sons houses in our Moo Baan. When I asked him how long hew will be here, he replied ” When I pop my clogs” lol. So I said I will pop over now and then and he said he is normally at the gym area at this time of day. There is a nice seating area at the gym, and even though the gym is not open yet, the seating area is and it looks over a man-made small lake or large pond, it’s nice there, sit chill and relax.

Being 7 hours in front of the U.K, time wise, has been a bit of a pain, as contacting Chris means I have a small window to chat to him. If he is in college or busy a lot of the time we miss each other. I got a sim when I arrived and it is mainly too use the Internet, and little did I know you also have to load it up of phone calls. You can load up on one and the other but they are separate and you can’t pay for both in the same payment. SIM cards also have to be registered as well, so bring your passport with you if you want a sim to use while you are here, it law. It was brought in by the new military government.

The drive from Mum’s  village to Chiang Mai takes between 45 to 60 minutes, it’s a very winding road, with a lot of very sharp corners and you have to be very careful as on coming traffic will stray onto your side . One thing that surprised me was the amount of cyclists using this road. I had a quick look on google and saw that there is a cycle route called the “Mae Hong Son Loop”, with  4000 bends , 660 kilometers and only for experienced cyclists.  The lonely planet recommends it as a motorcycle ride , which seems better for me. It’s a dangerous  even driving, due to the local drivers who have no hesitation overtaking on blind bends, as they get impatient. I have seen this myself already, there are few areas to overtake when you are on the winding road area, areas where you can see on coming traffic are few and far between in that stretch of road over the mountain. When I was driving on that area of the road several people have overtaken on blind bends due to their impatience, fortunately no one was coming from the other direction.

So, as you can see, things are slowly dropping into place, it’s slow, as is the Thai way, but moving.

I apologise for not posting any photographs , as at the moment, I only have my I pad, and when I get my I Mac from the UK, I will be updating with pictures , as I cannot upload any from my camera.


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