Well I am sitting on the terrace area of the hotel, a few miles away from Bangkok airport. The occasional plane roars overhead going to an unknown destination. Me, I’m sitting with a cold Chang beer in my hand and trying to get to grips of what’s happening .
Years in the planning, lots of stress , organisation sleepless nights, and here I am, sitting , in Bangkok, a beer in hand, the sound of bubbling fountains beside me, and every now and then I pinch myself, it’s here, it’s time. The focal point of all that stress is upon me .
It’s lovely and sunny, I have taken my sunglasses off as I can’t see my I pad screen to type this, and refuse to go inside, enjoying this moment and the sun.
I slept very well last night, and had a chat with Chris and a very excited Nui.
I took a flight from Birmingham to Bangkok via a two-hour change over in Dubai,  as I was flying with Emirates. The first leg was cramped, it was on a Boeing 777 and I did not sleep at all, even with the assistance of a few whiskeys in the lounge before hand. I think I slept a bit on the second leg, as it was on an Airbus A380 , I was very impressed with the aircraft and enjoyed the on board meal as well.
After the 6 hour or so flight , I arrive in Bangkok and was greeted by one of my Thai Bangkok relatives Pee-Say, he works at the airport and was given the VIP treatment and went through customs passport control very fast, so a big thanks to him for that.
Then, I nearly cried as I was greeted by my Thai granddaughter , Magic, she ran up to me , hand open and gave me a big hug, I nearly let go emotionally, (not the Thai thing to do) and she then , from that moment, to the time she left me that night, never stopped talking to me, she took my hand, pointed out things to me and counted to ten in English as well as some phrases, all of which I responded by a cheer and a high five. She insisted on sitting on my knee , in the front seat and chatted me, as if I understood everything she said.
I have been promoted from being called, meow Falang , to either Falang or lichard , her mum, my daughter in law Ying calls me lichard as she and most Thais can’t or don’t use R when they can use L instead. I was then taken to my hotel, I checked in and we walked to a restaurant only about 100 metes away.
The food was wonderful, even though I was not that hungry , I eat quite a bit, while Magic showed me how good she was on her games on her I pad. Now one of the games, I must confess I don’t know what is was called , but it involved a farm and animals , she was ace at it and I then realised, as she pointed out and told me, that carrot, strawberry and Apple are called the same in Thai as in English, so games van be useful .
So after I get back and had a goodbye hug and joop (kiss) from Magic and she looked sad leaving me, I had a shower and was out like a light untill I woke up at 8am or so.
I called this entry surreal, well, it is, here I an in a hotel , in the beautiful sun, and it feels like the other times I have been in Thailand or even in holiday , not the start of a new life. So yes, it’s surreal, and I wonder to myself ,when  will the reality hit me, once I move into my house? , once get my furniture? or some other time. Or will ir hit me at all ? Or am I, as I do , over thinking it, and should I just let it happen ?
We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Surreal ”

  1. Just catching up on what you’re up to, we both worried about you traveling all that way on your own, would you cope without Nui to guide you and keep you safe? It seems we needn’t have worried though as you’ve at least got to Bangkok in one piece. We’re both looking forward to meeting Magic as she sounds adorable! I’m about to look for another entry to make sure you made it to Chiang Mai (I know you have really, but I’m trying to keep it chronological!!!) 😊


    1. Well I am sitting ha I g a Chang on my way to mums
      Still feels like a holiday but going to buy a car from dye etc makes it real
      Hope e to get approval for car finance soon we’ll Nui has , fingers crossed
      Thanks again for both your help you are a good bro


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