It’s all done, I have moved out of my home of 9 years and now staying at a friend’s house.
My flight to Thailand is at the weekend and, to be honest I can’t wait.

I am staying at a good friends house, and she has been ace and she has made life a lot easier as I make the transition from the UK to Thailand.

I had thought about this transition and I had decided to have a week in between me moving from our home to flying to Thailand, this gives me time to sort out the return of my deposit for my flat, sort out my tax as well as having a buffer in case I needed to sort any unexpected problems.

Fortunately all has gone well and I even got a nice surprise from the tax, as I informed them I would be leaving the country and living abroad, and they sent me a refund, so that was a nice surprise, all I have to do now is wait for the money to clear. That, with some of the deposit will be put toward the shipping cost, I still have to complete.

Planning is fine, but as thugs have gone as I had planned, I am now , sitting around the house and watching TV as well as he clock. Time, as it has been, ticks steadily onward and it will not be long until I am sitting on the plane on my way to my wife and my new home.

Tomorrow I will be going to see Chris , my son, and spending some time with him a day before I go.

We have spent a lot of time together, getting the flat ready for the move and it has been a long process. We talked about how we will feel when the time comes, and we decided that as the move has taken quite a while, it will not be a shock and a gradual process.

It does feel like hat . But I am waiting to the reality of the whole thing, not sure if it will hit me when I am on the plane, at the airport, or when I drive away from Chris tomorrow. Or, as we thing, it will not happen. It does help, that I am coming back in May, so out will be only a few months away I until I am back.


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