Sitting in an almost empty home 

Well here I am sitting on the living room floor using a stool as a table for my I pad, and here I am typing.

It would be an understatement to say that this week has been stressful, hard and emotional.

The movers and packers have come and gone and I have received my quote, and, as I suspected, Its a lot more than the estimate I was given, quite a bit more to be exact, so my advice to you, is to expect the worse and hope for the best.

So how long will my stuff reach my house, as it’s a door to door service, from Birmingham to Chiang Mai. Well it all depends on the ship the container go on, if the ship is almost full, then the ship will leave and the time will be quicker. If my container arrives to meet a newly docked and empty chip, the ship will wait until it’s full before leaving. So, the answer is ? I don’t know, from a month to two or more, depending how quickly the ship is filled.

I am sitting here, watching a TV programme , John Torode’s ,Malaysian Adventure, were he is looking at different parts of Malaysia and its street food. It’s a great programme, and it is reminding me so much of Thailand and its street food, mmmm I can’t wait, I love Asian food.

When you get a Thai multi entry Visa, my Marriage Visa being one of those, you have to leave the country every 90 days, get your passport stamped, then return. It can only be for a few hours, or days, but leave the country you must, its one of the conditions of your Visa. So, when I will be completing one of those 90 day Visa runs, I will have to pop over to Malaysia and try the food.

So this afternoon the movers came and left , we had a few days to sort the rest of the stuff  or rubbish , I hired a van to take everything to the local tip.I also called two local charities and they came to take away my chest of drawers and various other things including my lazy-boy settees.

It was hard, I could never have done it without Chris, he has been brilliant and worked very hard. We emptied the house, the garage and managed to carry everything in about 5 trips, to the tip, including the  fridges and washing machines.

Chris then went on a train a 2 hour trip to his mums, as he had to go to an appointment, then returned the next day (Today) he is knackered. . I know he is not sleeping well, just like me, the whole thing has been unsettling, so he is very tired today, drained emotionally and physically. 

He is a great man and has a great life a head of him, even though he can’t see it….yet.

So, we have about a week or so to clean the place from top to bottom, and I am not looking forward to it at all, but the hard physical work is behind us and now it’s a steady pace to the end.

I can see the end and the start of a new chapter, but there is a lot of emotional moments before, during and after my flight.

Thank you for your comment.

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