Just over 2 weeks to go

Well , the movers have arrived and left, taking a lot more stuff with them than I thought or anticipated, so I will have to wait to see what the cost will be. I suspect it will be a lot more than the estimation.

So, I will give your some device, when you ask for an estimation, say for a 3 bedroom flat, or a 2 bedroom house, , overestimate, it’s better than underestimating. 

A good thing, my movers, said that If its lot more than you thought, You can pay later , and keep my stuff in storage until the payment is made. They have said its not unusual , and not to worry. It has made me a bit less stressful, so that’s a good thing.

Today I am waiting for some charity’s to come over and take what they want, that way it saves me the effort in humping them to a van then going to the tip, they can do some work and get the benefits as well. A win win .

Tomorrow is the disposal day, I have rented a van and all we will be doing is taking everything that we are not taking with us, and bringing it to the council tip.

I am still amazed how much I have, and every now and then go, “shit” as I see something that should have been packed lol.

From now on we will be using the sleeping bags to sleep in , I bought earlier to sleep on the floor, as we clean the whole place, ready for the handover, the beads will be packed away or gone to the tip. Cooking is hard too, as I have packed all the pots and pans , so takeaways are the standard now. Nice but it’s added cost.

Well, it’s very emotional, and I must admit, a lot harder than I thought. You have to focus on the goal , just over a few weeks to go and I am will look forward to a big glass of Whiskey at the airport, while waiting for my flight.

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