Another day closer

Its is all happening now. Its funny how you sit down and put dates on the calendar and arrange what has to be done and sort out hire vans etc. Its very abstract, then the dates get closer and the reality starts to sink in.

Today is one of those dates.

I am writing this while waiting for the home van to be delivered, and then I will be collecting my boxes from the shortage , and once that is done, put all Chris’s stuff in the van, including his motorbike and take all his stuff to his mums about 2 hours drive away.

The reality of the move, is starting to hit, we have a lot to do today, a lot of boxes to move and when we have finished , Chris’s home will have changed , from our home of many years together , to his mums.

It does sound , as I am trying this, that I am regretting the move. Well it’s not the case, I am looking forward to it, but like a lot of big moves and changes in your life, there are the positives and the negatives. The negative for me is not being with Chris, in the same way.

Its funny, when I was a trainer , we never used the word “Negative” we used the word “Developmental” lol. Its true, we as humans get comfortable and we only learn, develop and grow, when we are put in unusual , different and stressful situations, and as a result of that situation we learn, we develop and we become a better person.

This is one of those situations, not just for me , but for Chris. We are being put in situations out of our comfort zones, and its scary. Chris well develop, and grow, and so will I.

Yea it will not be all flowers and happy music, lol, but life never is, so we focus on the end goal, and, when we will look back, we see how we have developed because of it.

Me , being a lot older than Chris, can look back on my life and see those moments, I can see, after the event, how they have made me stronger and wiser.

Well, its another day, and another day closer .

Thank you for your comment.

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