Surrounded by Box’s

Well Chris ( My son ) and I have been living in a state of untidiness and confusion.

Well Chris has to figure out what he will need to bring to his mums, were he will now live soon, as well as work out what he want to bin and what he want to pack of Thailand.

I am doing the same, what clothes I no longer want or need and what I want to pack for Thailand. Not to mention want I will take with me on the flight to Chiang Mai in a few weeks.

So looking around the place, all I can see are, packed boxes, unpacked boxes, lots of plastic bags , full of old stuff that need to be disposed of and sifting through 9 years off stuff `i have collected and really trying to decide what I need to take and bin.

I have also got two bags that I will keep in the UK, as I may have mentioned i will be coming back to the Uk in May to do a few months work at Birmingham Airport. The reason was two fold, one to see my son, and the other is to earn some money so I can get stuff for the house.

I will most likely have to use a credit card or two to pay for the shipping so coming back will be a great way to pay for the shipping as well as seeing my son.

I have a great friend who will let me stay with her for that time and all I will have to do is pay for the food. This is a great relief, and a time when you realise true friends.

I will be keeping my car here, and paying for tax and insurance while I am away and she will look after my car too, so I can use it for my work.

Goodness, the amount of stuff i have collected and hoarded away, I sometimes stop and look around, and have to stop my self from getting all sentimental, the home has a lot of good memories (It funny how you remember the good times and not the bad, funny but in a good way) I will miss it, and miss the company of Chris, who in a way is a close friend, as well as my son.

I have heard that saying several times, and its difficult to explain. Yea he is a friend, more as he has got to his 20’s, than before, but I will always be his dad. It’s a difficult at times, as I sometimes slip into father mode, but most of the time we have a good laugh and have got closer as time has gone one, thats why this move is a lot harder than normal.

I have grown to be so proud of him, he has had a hard time, as the relationship between his mum and I has been difficult to say the least, but that has mellowed as time has gone on. He has been stuck between two people he loves so its been hard, but I have seen him grow and mature more than I could imagine.

He cannot see this own growth, but then we never do see ourselves as others see us, so when I say I am proud of him, well I think he does, does not believe me as he cant see the reasons why.

I see a person grow , mature and cope with the move ahead, and like so many people of all ages, thinks he is the only one feeling the way he does.

So, a lot to do and a lot to experience. Moving Chris’s stuff to hims mums tomorrow, movers and packers come on Monday and then I will be hi ringing a van next Thursday to get my stuff to the council tip.

Then the rest of the month cleaning and sorting out the flat for the handover. Wish us luck.

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