A Month to go.

Well time is ticking and the move is going ever closer . In just under a Month I will be out of my home of many years and stay with a good friend before I fly out on the 7th Feb.

The international movers will be arriving in about 2 weeks, it will be a door to door service and as an added bonus they will be doing the packing , a bonus. I wish I had of knew that before I already packed a good amount of my stuff. They will now have to look at the packing, do an inventory and then add it to their packing.

I have been quoted around £1600 , that’s including insurance, but the insurance is just to cover my I Mac and crystal glasses.

The problem with the quotes, well it’s only an estimation, as they can only give you an accurate price once that have packed everything and know the volume of my stuff. I have been golem a quote for a one bedroom flat, I now I have a 2 bedroom flat built I will nor be taking beds , furniture or white goods, so that seemed a better guess. I am hoping that it’s an over estimation so I will have money left over from my savings.

Well, with a lot of advice I have managed to find out what I need to bring over and pack, other than the clothes etc. There are some items that are of better quality in the UK than in Thailand. So I have bought sheets, duvet covers, good pots, pans, cutlery sets, plates and towels. I also bought two motorcycle helmets as the ones you can buy in Thailand, are helmets but safety is not their main quality. You can buy a helmet very cheap and with no safety at all. The helmets in the UK have to have a British standard for safety.

I must confess its been a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I have not been sleeping well, and even though I know things will be OK, my subconscious seems to disagree.

My flat, which I loved so much and has been my home for so long , is now not feeling like my home any more. I thought I was being silly but y son agrees with me and he feels the same. He has decided to move in with his mum, and I must admit I am pleased about that, even though the more will be hard to start, for him, I am sure they will get to know how to live with each other after a few weeks.

So anyone out there who is thinking about the move, be prepared , it is an upheaval , emotionally as well as physically.

I suppose I am stating the obvious but doing it is a lot different than the doing of it. I was in the Army for 9 years and I moves very 2 years, and I thought I would be use to it, but it just goes to show that you can be wrong.

Well I do not know when I will be completing my next entry, but I will looking forward to starting a new chapter of my blog , that chapter starting my new life in Thailand.

I will be posting photos, videos and food blogs, and showing you all what life is like in the Land Of Smiles. I will not be living in the tourist area of Thailand, so it will be slightly different than a lot of the blogs I see. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but the sex spots and bars will not be the focus of my entry. Chiang Mai does have its share or girlie bars, as my wife and I came across when walking from our hotel one evening, and explained the noise to be honest. I was very surprised when we came across them, as the very same street did not show it alternative life until the evening.

So wish me well and I wish you all a great new year.

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