Eating and drinking in Dussledorf’s “Alt Stadt” district

So, here I am outside “Fattys Irish Pub” in the area called the “Alt Stadt” or Old City, enjoying the use of their free Wi Fi, ( The password is Fattys13 by the way) and I have decided , nay inspired to put fingers to keyboard and place thailand aside ( For the mean time) and write about Germany.

Nui and I, arrived in Dusseldorf late Saturday morning and managed to book into a great hotel, the Radisson Blu Harbour hotel. Its a great hotel and I managed to book a room for two nights and get a bargain in the process so got a business room.

I can remember trying to look for a hotel closer to the Alt Stadt and finding it very hard, so the radisson Blu was a bit further out, but made up in the amenities available.

So today ( This is the Sunday 28th June 15) I found out why it was so hard finding a room, take into account I was trying to book a room on the 20th April 15. Well we walked out of our hotel and managed to find the Alt Stadt, about 15 minutes away, and we had to weave our way through lots of barriers, and it was on the Sunday we found that the barriers were for an triathlon. ( ) the Dusseldorph Bundesliga triathlon, with had various races including olympic standard.

So we managed to find our way through these obstacle and locate the Alt Stadt.

Let me explain the Alt Stadt, it comprises of either a restaurant or a pub, or , a combination of the two. so it will cater for foodies or for beeries ( If there is such a word lol)

If you do decide to pop over I can recommend a beer called Alt beer ( Old beer) its a bark beer, strong and very yummy, Nui loves it , well her quote of the trip being “I love all german beer” it has a lovely taste and very easy to drink.

Another beer that creeps up on you is called a Wheat beer, or Weissbier ( ) Its a cloudy beer with a wheaty taste and strong.

One thing you have to remember is that eery city or town will have its own variation of beer, and if you look on the label you will see the cities name on the label, eg, Dortmund – Dortmunder bier, Dusseldorph – dusseldorpher Bier and Berlin – Berliner bier. Each one will have a taste of it own but there are a few biers that are nation wide, like Bitburger bier and Warstiner Bier.

So there are two types of people in the Alt Stadt, those who are sitting eating or drinking, looking at those walking by, and the second are those walking by looking at those eating and drinking, and some times they stop at a place to see a menu which is normally on a table waiting to entice their custom.

There is a wide variety of cuisine available to the hungry or curious. There are your typical german food, in the way of a takeaway, also called an Imbiss ( Meaning a “snack”) or as some call them an as we soldiers use to call them schnelly ( Schnell means quick) These schnellys will serve curry wurst, a german sausage, grilled and covered in a curry tomato ketchup, you can ask for it with Pommes ( Pom frits also know as french fries) Mayo and or mustard (Senf in german) or a nice crusty roll.

Some imbiss will sell rolls with ham, cheese wurst or , if you want to try it, raw pickled fish, The rolls are like a crusty french bread, but in a small round size with a cut in the centre, I had forgotten how wonderful they were, and was reminded of their goodness when I had breakfast at the hotel.

If you want a pizza , well the germans know how to make them too and I would recommend trying one, or maybe two.

A personal favourite of mine is the Jagar Schnitzel ( Hunters Schnitzel) its a thin pork medallion covered in a crispy crum and covered with a mushroom sauce, you can have the schnitzel in other sauces or without, but its worth a try.

As we were walking, looking at the different places to try, I saw various different cuisines available. Thai, Vietnamese, Argentinean, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Chinese. So there are a lot to choose from, and one thing to remember , the potions are big, so make sure you assist the food down with some of the local brews.

All in all, we have had a great trip, and we have drunk and eat very well as well as rested. I highly recommend a trip to Dusseldorph and to the Alt Stadt in particular

Thank you for your comment.

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