How to watch your favorite programmes when abroad

I don’t know if you have ever tried, but if you have an app or programme on your lap top, phone or tablet that enable you to watch your TV programmes, radio or even catch up TV.

In the UK we have apps called BBC iplayer, ITV Player and a few more. All you do is tap on the app and you can look at the TV live or other programmes on the channel. They are great to use and when you are abroad it is a good way of finding out whats happening and not to mention watch your favourite programmes.

Now, I have mentioned this before, but when you use the internet, you will be using an ISP or Internet Service Provider, now each ISP has a unique signature and in that signature contains information on the country you are using the internet.

If you go to Europe, for example and try to use the BBC iplayer , it wont work as it recognises that you are not using a UK ISP. So there is the problem, when I move to Thailand I will not be able to use my apps.

I could use a Sling Box, which I mentioned in a previous entry “Watching UK TV while in Thailand” but I will also use this device but IO also found a cheaper way and a more convenient way to watch my favourite TV.

Its called a V.P.N. (Virtual Private Network), you download this application, the one I use is TennelBear, but there are a few out there. so once you download the app, you look at the country you want your ISP address from, and once you have clicked on the country then the ISP has been changed. So you can watch your programmes when you are away for no cost at all.

If you start to use this application a lot you ay have to pay extra from large downloads.

Here is a link to Tunnel Bear  but look for whatever VPN suits you


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