I must admit a year or so ago when bought the house in Thailand, I was so looking forward to moving in and arranging things.

All was OK, Chris my son had a job, I had settled the dates and even bought some hand made beds and a painting. So all was sorted, so, house bought, a date set and all is well in the household.

The plan is simple, my son moves out, I wait for a few months making sure is is settled and then I send some of my stuff in a container and then move to Chiang Mai. I knew it was going to be hard, as I have been looking after my son since he was around 5 and been a single parent for that time, so leaving him would be difficult.

We have chatted about the move and we both know it will be hard , and we both know its the thing I need to do. I have always said and done one thing in my life. If you need to do something then do it, I know if I do not do this I will regret it for the rest of my life.

My son is 22 and it is time for him to get on in this life and find his own path, he even said that if I was not going to move he would force me.

So. like all good plans, they are not going as they should. My son no longer has a job and the way things are at the moment in the UK , it has been very difficult for him to get an interview never mind a job.

It has been a bit stressful as this is out of my control and there is nothing I can do until he is settled. So, I has sat down with my other half and we have discussed what we will have to do, and in essence, we wait. Its hard and my other half is worried about her mum and , like me needs a rest from the hard work we have done all our lives.

So, I have looked at the costings, the difference things we will need and see what is cheaper here in the UK and what is cheaper in Chiang Mai.

I am surprised how mush of a difference in the quotes I have received for shipping my stuff from door to door . Birmingham to Chiang Mai, one quote was around £500 and another £2500. They are not even close, but closer to the time I will look further into them.

So, whats the situation now? well its simple, I will have to wait until my son is sorted, and as I am starting a seasonal Job at the end of march,. I hope that I will be able to save a bit and start buying items for our house.

Things we will need when we get there are health insurance as well as we need to be covered incase of emergencies. I have looked at a few on line, and like a lot of things there is a difference in process, as well as what is covered. It looks like it will cost us around £100 each for a good cover, but I have decided to look a little closer when I am there. There is not a lot of stuff on line os I am sure I can find a family one that is better value, that and I can ask what we get for our money.

So, its a waiting gam, and we will work on getting my son a job. My Thai family are very understanding and I cant wait to see them again. Our house is fine, it was not been connected with water or electric as I have to give them 3 months notice before I am coming, so there is no expense on the house. I must admit I am happy I bought the house at that Moo Baan, they are understanding and I am still in touch with the guy who sold it to me, a great guy. I have promised him an english meal when I get back.

So there is the update. Thanks for following my blog and if you ever want to visit and have a drink, please do. When I am there he he.

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