Provinces of Thailand

Thailand has different provinces and districts within those provinces, within each district there is a sub-district. So, if you are visiting Thailand or less likely sending a letter etc. it does help to understand the way the areas are divided.

There are 76 provinces in Thailand and each one has a provincial capital. For example Chiang Mai is a province and the city of Chiang Mai is also the capital of that province. You will find that the capital of each province has the same name as the province.

Within each province you will have various districts (Called Amphoe’s, pronounced Am-pores) for example I am moving to the province of Chiang Mai, in the District of Hang Dong and the sub-district of Hang Dong. There are 25 Amphoe’s in Chiang Mai, and 11 sub-districts (Called Tambon). It’s just lucky for me to remember, that I will be living in the district and sub-district with the same name.

To each Tambon there will be certain amount of villages in it, and it just so happens hang dong tambon has 13 villages.

Its easy to get your head around once you compare it to the electoral areas of the UK. So you will live in the city of Birmingham, and in the electoral area of Edgbaston. When you are looking for a house in Birmingham p0or any city or area of the UK, the post code makes a difference to the prices of the houses. It’s the same in Thailand, certain cities are more expensive, because of their location and also because of their popularity. So if you want to buy a house of flat ( Or as they are called in Thailand a condo ) in Bangkok or near the beach in Pattaya, ( Which is in the province of Chonburi) well you will have to pay the price.

Once you know the areas you want to live or buy a place, you will need to get to know what sub districts and districts are the most expensive and which ones you are looking to live or stay in.

I was fortunate, Nui my girlfriend news which district she wanted and Hang Dong was on that list. The districts of Saraphi , Mea Rim and Doi Saket were also on the list.

So I hope this has been of some use and if you are house hunting, anywhere in Thailand the areas you move do make a difference.



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