(Karma is defined as an executed, deed, work, action, intent or act which is executed)
I often hear the expression, “What comes around goes around” or derivations of the same saying and the people say this feel comforted in the hope, that they will either get something they deserve, for some act, or that someone who has been bad to them will get the same back.
I have always believed this to be true, even before I became a Buddhist. However believing this, and proving it, like all beliefs, is very difficult to prove it. I suppose that’s why it’s called a belief.

In Buddhism they take it a step further, so the good deeds and good intent,you do, say today, will be rewarded either in this life or in your next. So if you believe in reincarnation then this would make sense. So the good deeds and intents you have done in your previous life will also be rewarded in this one. Now it’s easy to focus on the good things but this principle also applies to the bad deeds we do.

I remember reading up on karma and realising that it is not that simple , so I would suggest you have a look around this wonderful web and digest it all, in small chunks.

The Thais believe strongly in karma and good deeds abound, in small ways, and in large ones. Like all people and all beliefs, there are bad and good amongst us all, so you will see nasty things as well as the good things. I know from personal experience that people will lean toward remembering the bad bits when they talk about things, rather than the good bits.

In one of my other blogs I mentioned all the wonderful food I have tried in my Temple, and all of it was free. This confused me for some time, as there was a lot of food and I am sure it would have cost quite a lot to it cook all.  I was told the reason is very simple, Karma. I was thinking like a Falang. It was simple, they are cooking this food, for free , at their own expense for Karma, they are doing good deeds and it all goes to your  karma. These good deeds will fair you well in the bank of karma.

karma-1 Buddha was not a GOD

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