A Thai Kitchen

One thing I love doing is cooking, I cook Sunday dinner, some type of roast and Nui will complain about all the pots and pans I have used, and I try to explain that if she wants all the food I have to do it this way. However she loves my food and even though western style cooking is a lot messier than Thai cooking she put up with it.

She points out to me, regularly, that when she cooks, there is hardly any mess. Which I may add is true, she will prepare the food, chop up what she needs, pound and bash the things that need bashing or pounding and then she throw all the ingredients into the wok, in a specific order and before you know it the meal is finished. You look around and there is very few pots and pans left over to clean.

So when we were looking for our house, one of the things I wanted was a western or as I call it, a falang or western kitchen. So trying to find a house that has one is not easy, well we are in Thailand and in Chiang Mai it’s mainly for the Thai market. I can’t say much about Bangkok or Phuket, as I am sure there are lots of places, condo’s etc that are for the falling market, but not many in Chiang Mai.  The Thai’s are not big on internal kitchens similar to Europe as but they have an outside kitchen, so when we found out house, I was a bit disappointed with the size of the kitchen. Well, when I say kitchen, it’s a sink and  a small working top on either side.

The house we bought is wonderful, and like a lot in life you can’t have everything, so we bought the house and we will sort out the kitchen at a later date. I have a few things in  mind but that will be for a later date. The main priority is getting the house sorted first.  There are a lot of ex pats in Chiang Mai, how have said they hardly cook anyway, as the takeaways and cheap and wonderful. You can eat just as cheap buying the food than it is to cook. Around Hang Dong you can get a wonderful meal, say like, chicken noodle or teriyaki chicken  for around £0.70.
The Thai kitchen normally consists of two gas or electric hobs or rings and various woks and pans. It’s as simple as that. Even though when we stayed a month in Chiang Mai looking for our house, we had a Thai kitchen available to us, I don’t think we, or should I say, Nui, used it more than once. So we will be getting a Thai kitchen and put it at the rear of the house, covered by the roof and that will do until we get a falling kitchen sorted.

So even though I want a western kitchen in our house, I will have to wait and see. Our house has a very small area which they call a kitchen, well an area for a sink and no room for appliances, so I will want to do something about that. I am thinking of extending the living room onto the car port, up to the two pillars that are there. I then will extend what is called the kitchen out to make a small kitchen diner area.

I will have to take the Thai mentality and just wait and see and not get too worked up about it. All we need to start off with is a Thai outside kitchen, also known as a smelly kitchen, as its outside to keep the smells out, and a fridge for the food. I will no doubt keep you updated on the progress or the lack of it

The featured image above is a typical home Thai kitchen, with the hobs and various woks etc, and you sit on the floor, on the mats and eat.

The group picture, below, is at my mums house and as you can see there are lots of people popping in. This was on my first visit, and everyone in the village want to meet me.

The other picture is on Nui, talking , as per usual, and the kitchen in behind her. This was at the rice barn we stayed at last year.

.DSC_8062 THA_3641

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