Thai can’t whisper

One thing when you are in a relationship with a Thai Lady is the talking.
Thai ladies love to talk and as I have previously mentioned, they love two things , eating and talking. Nui, my other half, is only quiet when she eats and that means she is enjoying whatever she is eating.

When there are a lot of Thai ladies together, it does get very noisy. I first came across this when I was in Hong Kong, we were in a large restaurant having Dim Sum, it was only halfway through the meal that we realised that we were shouting at each other, even tough the table was the normal size, and we were shouting to get ourselves heard.

When you order tea, the waiter will start pouring your tea into your cup, it is tradition that you keep tapping, using your two fingers on the table. Doig this indicates that that you want more tea and for the waiter to keep pouring. Once you stop tapping they stop pouring the tea. This is a nice and practical way of getting around the noise.

So why it is so noisy?? Cantonese is a tonal language and has 7 different tones, I did go to two-week Cantonese course when I was posted in Kowloon in the Army. It was informative but as much use as a chocolate tea-pot. So as the Cantonese, (The area that Hong Kong is situated in is called Canton, so the people in that area are Cantonese and do not speak Mandarin ) speak their words in a tone, they cannot use a tone or inflection. So they use volume instead. The Thais do the same, when they get excited they shout. I have never heard Nui whisper, lol , they can’t, when I am in the living room listening to the TV and Nui is on the phone to her mum, she has to leave as I can’t hear a thing.

You do get use to it , and I will be having a Man cave, one of the rooms will be mine to escape from the ladies how will be coming over . It will be a place t escape and an extra room for visitors and the settee turns into a bed too.dimsum

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