Watching UK TV while in Thailand

I found out that its all to do with the address of your I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) address, so when I try to look at the BBC iPlayer or ITV iPlayer to look at the programmes, it won’t let me as it knows where I am viewing from and won’t let me have access.

So what to do, well I asked about trying to get a UK I.S.P. address while I am in Thailand, now this can be done, but it is a bit of a pain.

Well I have found out how to do this and it’s all legal and above board.

So you get an electrical item called a Slingbox, (They cost from £50mup to £200 or more) a friend in your home country and a free TV box or cable TV.

It works in a simple way,

1) You have a friend or relative in your home country who has Internet.

2) You then connect the slingbox to a Cable box or free TV box

3) You connect it to the internet.

4) Best not connect the TV box to a TV as you will solely be using the free box

4) Register at singbox to get an account ( At no cost, and no reoccurring cost either)

5) Go on line to your slingbox account and see if you are connected. Also get the Slingbox app.

What happens now is simple, you go on line, no matter where in the world and watch your freebox or cable on your PC , (or if you have apple TV or Google crome, connected to your TV )

So you are using , from Thailand, a UK ( Or other country) TV box or cable. Depending on the quality of your freebox, you can record or lots of programmes. The remote control will also appear on your screen , its just like being there.

If there are any problems all you need to do is call your friend or relative and they can switch the slingbox off then on, and all it needs to do is sit in a corner somewhere out of the way.

I hope this helps some people.

If you want to have a look go to their website at

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