Missing Home 

I have been in the UK now for just over a month . Working hard and enjoying the banter with my work mates. 
Got my old job back , a seasonal job , so it suits me fine, it’s the third year I have come back to the company. 
Last year I worked for just under 6 months , and during that time I did not feel home sick at all, but this year, as I was in Chiang Mai for 6 months before returning to the UK. So I believe its affecting me more this year as I feel that Hang Dong is my home. It may also may have to do with me missing Leo, my lovely dog. 
I speak to Nui regularly, so it does make it easier , you can’t chat to a dog, I did try , but all he did was look around for me when he heard my voice 
Well a few months to go , well 4 1/2 , 

Published by: My Thailand

I have recently moved from the UK and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have retired but still work some seasonal work in the UK and live in Chiang Mai. I have been a Buddhist since 1999. I now love in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai. I intend to pass on my learning experience, and living in the land of smiles, to anyone who has come across my blog.

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