On my way back to the UK 

I have left my home of the past 6 or so months. I got up the early hours and after saying goodbye to Leo, travelling the 30 minutes or so to Chiang Mai airport and then said goodbye to Nui, to start my trip back to the UK and start my seasonal work. 
It has been hard, more so for leaving Leo, my first ever dog, and knowing I will not be able to play, walk or be with him for the next 6 months or so. Now I can hear you say, what about your wife Nui, well yes of course I will miss her, but the difference is, I will be talking to Nui regularly and able to video chat as well. As clever as I believe Leo is, I am sure he will now be able to chat to me via video link. Well until they get a smelly vision. ( or does sentovision sound better ?) 

I am looking out the window of the aircraft and can see wonderful blue sky and I have a 12 hour flight a head of me. All of it during the day, so I will not be on the flight at night, so can nap during the flight and hot disturb people to go to the toilet as much as if it’s in the early hours. 

The day started with a stressful theme , as my friend who is collecting me from Heathrow airport, realised that he has got his days mixed up and as I type, sorting something out before I land in About 10 or so hours. What added to the stress was the time difference, as I got up at 4am or so , it was 10pm in the UK , and I know he works nights. That, and the fact I will be on a plane for the rest of the day and so unable to contact him. So, when I got to Bangkok Airport I managed to do so and was assured that I would have some form of transport to his place. (As I am starting at his house while I am in the UK)

I still find it amazing how technology has moved forward, and communication has gone in leaps and bounds , to the point now, that all you need is wi fi and you can chat to someone across the world and even see them in a video chat. Yea I know, I do sound old, and in some people’s eyes I am.

When I was in the army, I served throughout the world, from Hong Kong to Belize, and we only had two forms of contact, the good old phone and what is now called snail mail. I can still remember queuing up, waiting for my allotted 30 minutes to call loved one, the. To be deeply disappointed to hear the ring tone go on for a long time , or worse, the engaged tone, and having to do the whole process again. Yes we did not always have an arranged time, so the phone would be free, so this unforeseen annoyance did not occur 

Yes, life is a lot easier now, and a better place for it, miscommunications and plans can be sorted and confirmed in minutes. I have noticed that if you manage to loose your phone or runout of battery, the good old land line is not very common. So fining an alternative, even if you have a phone and no wi fi, is in short supply. I did remember when I was able to remember my friends and family’s phone number off by heart, but not any more. 

What I do do is keep a piece of paper in my wallet with telephone numbers on them, … just in case. 

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