I love Tom Yam 

The thing about Thai food, in Thailand , well I suppose like all countries , the meal varies from food stall to food stall, restaurant to restaurant.

Now my favorite Tom Yam in at Big C , supermarket on Hang Dong Road Chiamg Mai.
Now I have tried it at the other Big C , called Big C 2 further along the Hang Dong Road , and I don’t like it there .
On the reverse , I love the Pad Tai in Big C 2 but not the other Big C.
This is how a lot of small food stalls get a good business going  , repeat clientele. That and a reasonable price.
When you go to these large supermarkets , they have a great system, you hand over he amont you want to spend , say Bht100 per person, to a kiosk. They then give you a small card, and put the amount you have given, onto the card. You then ask you your chosen meal and when you hand over your card , the amount is taken off the card. So, no money has passed, and they pinch in their code into the card reader and there you go. Everyone’s happy .
When you have  got you meal and Coke etc, and finished, you return to the same kiosk , they swipe your card, and return your balance . Now , if , like me this is all new and when my belly is full, I am a happy man, and I walk away forgetting to get my money back, you still can, even a week or so later .
So, if you pop into a large supermarket, be it Big C or a Tesco Lotus, give the food hall  try, there is plenty to choose from , it’s a good price, and if you dont know what to order, in like all Thai eateries, point at the picture .  Then you can add “Guy” (Chicken) “Moo” (Pork)  “Paa” (Fish) or  “Jay” (Vegetarian)
Tom Yam Paa

Pad Thai Guy

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