Thai Scooters

Life is funny , the weather today has been great, nice and sunny and as I am driving along the road , the sun beating down and having to turn the air con on. It reminded me of Thailand, driving along the 121 into Chiang Mai. The long road, driving on the left side, passing scooters , watching them dart in and out of the cars and pull in front of you when you have stopped at the traffic lights.

You have to keep an eye out for all the scooters and the cars. I found it amazing and amusing in a funny way, looking at the different positions the pillions get into.

Now let me explain, I love driving, I am driving a heavy good vehicle at the moment, as a job, but I also hold a motorcycle licence. So I understand the implications of falling off a bike and the road rash that can happen.

So you can imagine my surprise when I see all these Thai’s, all thais. young old, men women , or even , it seemed, even families on one scooter.

I remember seeing a pretty girl, totally relaxed and engrossed on her phone, sitting side saddle on the back of a scooter. Well when I say side saddle she was just siting on the back of the seat, both of her legs on the left side of the scooter. There she was sitting totally concentrating on her phone, while her boy friend turns left and right not to mention weaving in and out of the traffic. Amazing.

I was driving to my mums village in the mountains in Chiang mai, its a bendy road, and at times it becomes narrow , so you have to keep your eyes on the road, its not unusual to have a car or bike stray onto your lane as they take a bend and drift into your lane.

I have driven past a few accidents on the road and its a sobering reminder to keep your wits about you.

So where was I, oh yes, there was I driving up this road, and i saw this scooter ahead of me, and it was a male driving and a female as pillion. It was only when I was behind it for a while, as the road was narrow and I was unable to pass the scooter safely on the bends.

I noticed some hands waving and when we looked closely we saw a young child, oh, maybe a few years old, I could not see if it was a girl or a boy, but he or she was having a hell of a good time, waving and loving the wind in their hair.

The child was totally unaware of the situation, well they wouldn’t would they, but they loved being on the bike and every now and then the mother (I assume) would hold the child and stop the child from escaping.

It is amazing how some memories hit you, and your mind brings you back to situations and memories.

Memories are strong, and can be jolted into the fore by a smell, a sight or even something small, like an object.

Family-sized scooter



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