The Thai BBQ

I was told I was going to a family BBQ and after getting a few Chang beers and a few Leo beers
(When I say a few, I mean a few boxes, at £1 a 660 ml bottle it was no great dent in the wallet)

So we arrive in a piece of land behind my father in laws house, there was just a hut, with no sides and some bamboo flooring, above the ground. It was a nice sunny day and I was looking forward to this. So out comes some sort of round object. I have put a picture of it on this blog as it’s hard to describe. The Thais call it, More Tam Yam, well so I have been told, but I think it’s called different names in different parts of the country.
Its round, with a raised centre coming to a peak. In this raised centre are slits and grooves. Around this raised peak is a moat, and water or stock in put in this moat area. Under the central raised area are bare flames, and they heat the centre area and the surrounding moat.


So what do you do, well its very simple, you place your chicken, fish or any meat on the bare raised bit and put veg and the cooked fish in the meat making a soup with veg and meat. You keep turning the meat on the centre and take it off with your chopsticks and eat it. Simple.


I want to buy a few when I get to Chiang Mai, the taste is ace and the principle so simple. You can also go to restaurants, like buffets and there is uncooked fish and meat there so you can have your own BBQ on your table and eat away.


So if you get a chance, try this out its simple and very little hassle. I will have a look in the UK to see if there are any on sale, I am sure there are but as I am retiring to Thailand this year there is no point.

4 thoughts on “The Thai BBQ”

  1. I love these BBQs, I always think they would do really well back home iN the UK, then I remember all the health and safety nightmares it would cause… raw meat! Hot coals! It would never be allowed, and that’s one od the reasons I love Thailand!


    1. Thank you for your nice comment.

      I couldn’t agree more . I had never seen these BBQs before and thought they were wonderful, I can see why you miss your wonderful country.

      I want to have two when I move 555


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