My favourite Thai Currys



I am not a food blogger and I only discovered Thai cooking when I met my girlfriend.  I had tried the occasional microwave green or yellow curry, but was not very impresses with the results so never really thought much about Thai  food . I have tried real Red, Yellow and Green varies, done by Thais themselves, I will state I will never try andy supermarket Thai curries again.


Thailand is a large country and each part of the country has different types of food. In the south, were there are also more Muslim communities, they don’t eat as much pork, while in the north, pork rules. In the south they are near the sea and eat a lot of fish, while in the north its really mountainous, and no access to the sea, so don’t cook as much fish. They seem to deep fry what fish they do get a chance to cook with fish. Which is very nice.


My girlfriend doe not really know how to cook fish, so we rarely have any at meal times, but when we have gone to Phuket she loves the fish and all the ways its cooked.


If you ask someone from Phuket or Bangkok if they have eaten Nam Prik Om, the chances are they haven’t. Its a north Thailand dish and I love it. The only problem with it, unlike a lot of dishes you ass the chilli when you get it, the chilli is already in there and you have know idea how hot it is until you dig in.  Yep I could ask my good lady, but experience has taught me , thats is a futile gesture, as she will always say My Pet ( Not spicy)


Nam Prik Om , ( Loosely translated as Water chilli , slow cooked) is made from pork mince, with a shallot and chill power paste bashed into it infill all becomes one big mush. ( It sound awful but all the flavours are completely fused)  Its then friend in a wok and cherry tomato ( Previously heated in the oven until soft to increase the flavour ) added .

I always know its going to be hot, as all I can hear in the kitchen, is the pork mince and chilli and shallot paste being bashed together in a pestle, and she is sneezing all the  time from the chilli. The more sneezing the more I know its going to be hot.


Its served in a bowl, and eaten with sticky rice ( A must) spammed teardrop cabbage and sometime just raw cabbage.

Now I am not one of these guys who love very spick curry and order it in an Indian , I love taste and Nam Prik Om puts me in a dilemma, its hot, yet I want more, so I have to take my time while eating it.


So if you ever go to Thailand, Chiang Mai is work a visit just for this curry alone.


The other curry from Chiang Mai is called Cow Soi, now I have asked my good lady what the translation is, and I am not too sure if its true . I know bothe the words, Cow means rice, and Soi is a minor road off a main road. Now you make of that as you wish. lol


I have had it several times but she uses a packet paste, but one ones from Thailand and does not like the ones she gets from the large Chinese supermarkets. In essence its cooked chicken legs, in a yellow curry soup, and bean sprouts and noodles assed as well as chopped pickled pak chow and deep fried noodles for that crunch.

Eating Cow Soi is a messy business so get a napkin and cover your neck and clothes, messy but oh so good. Mmmmmm

I have had it lots of times on street restaurants, and to my amusement, been watch intensely by the locals as I tuck in and order a second helping. I can only assume they don’t get a lot of falling’s there or we were off the beaten track from where the tourists normally frequent .



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