I Miss My Beautiful Thai Mum

My Mum died today , there is a huge hole in my heart and miss her already 

It’s hard being here in the UK m, while my beautiful wife Nui sorts things out at home.

Mum did not speak English but we had a great relationship , a point here, a nod there always enough. and lots of hugs.

It’s not the Thai culture to show outward affection  but we would always great with a hug and leave with a hug . 

I am numb, lonely and missing home so much . 

I have spoken to Thee my son and Nui my wife, and try to help as much as I can.

I have lost my UK mum many years ago, so know what they are going through and the feeling I feel now.

I will miss mum’s laughter, laughter that came so easy, honest and frequent. The house will have lost its heart and soul. Her laughter, presence and love will be missed. 

Mum stole my heart , with her complete and her unrestricted love. She had a hard life , yet embraced life with both hands and always looked on the brighter side of life.

I will miss her blessings, she would bless me and put a string around my wrist , and I would smile and feel at home when I looked at it , reminding me of her blessing, her smile and her easy laugh.

I miss you Mum (Kit tung Mak Mak) 

You will have s great next life 

To me you embody how , loving, open, caring and wonderful the Thai people are. 

Miss you Mum xxx

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