How time flies

It is amazing how time does seem to go quickly, it has been about a year since I moved into our home in Hang Dong. There is still a lot I need to do until it is how I want it . I suppose it will be a continuing ongoing project, as all homes are.

I had bought the house several years ago, and the development where I bought the house, were happy to keep it on hold, so to speak, and I gave them 3 months notice, before we moved in. They painted a few things put down the grass and had the house ready for us. So when we moved in, we had a lot to do.

So that was about a year ago now, and now we have an almost furnished home. The third bedroom is still full of boxes from the shipping several months ago. We still need wardrobes, book cases and the like, as I have a lot more stuff than I thought. So these will be next on the list, make the place neater and create more space.

We have had friends over for a few weeks, and we had a great time, Sharon used the double bed in the second bedroom and Elijah used the bed sofa in the third bedroom. We would move the sofa from the living room into the third bedroom.

The second bedroom looks a bit empty, there is just the bed and a small wardrobe, so when I get back from my stink in the Uk to get some extra money, we will be furnishing that room as well as the kitchen. So I hope, as we get book cases and other furniture, the place will look better as well as being able to more the stuff from the boxes into the house.

The third bedroom still looks messy, but all we need are places to put the videos, clothes and books, and not kept in the boxes. I will be on the look out for picture frames book shelves and the little things that make a home a home.

The thing about Facebook is, now and then it shows you yearly anniversaries and it was around this time I started to look for a home in Hang Dong showing pictures of houses we were looking at.

It does bring a smile to my face, looking back, and thinking, “If I only knew” then I think, what will I be thinking in a year, or two years time when I look at the pictures I am posting on Facebook now.
Well l in about a months time I will be heading back to the UK and working all the hours that I can, I will be doing this for about 6 months or so. So I will enjoy doing, well as little as possible ,  he he. Nui, my wife says, “How can you just sit around doing very little”, (as she not or is incapable of doing little lol) I tell her that you have to relax and put things in perspective. When I get back to the UK, all I will be doing is sleeping and working, taking as much overtime on my days off as I can, so as the expression goes “ Make hay while the sun shines” and it is very sunny here in Thailand .


How time flies


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