My Three Months Are Almost Up 

I had always planned to return to the UK after three months in Thailand, I had bought a return ticket to return in May, mainly because my previous employer, a seasonal job, said he would have a job for me and he would need me through the summer. Well, he is not as positive now, and said that nothing is for certain, so, we will see. I am a heavy good vehicle driver and there is always work for drivers, so if the worse comes to the worse, I will do agency work.

The reasons for coming back are simple, I want to see my son, and that the guy up on his offer of work. To be honest, there are still a few things that we need for the house, so I will save as much money as I can, we need to build an outside Thai kitchen, an air conditioner for the rooms, especially for the hot weather.

The summer, which is now, well, March through to May, and it has been very hot, it’s around 41 Celsius, ( that’s about 106 in Fahrenheit ) at the moment and due to hit 44 Celsius. Not having air conditioners in the house as made life a bit uncomfortable , especially at night, but that will change once I return.

Nui and I have been suffering from prickly heat, due to excessive sweating, and have found that a it of the locals have had the same problem and have been great in telling me how to remedy it. The fans have been good but a lot of the time it just circulates the hot air.I am in no bout that I will complain of the cold when I return to Birmingham, but then again that’s what we British always do.

I have really enjoyed my three months here , and to be honest not sure if I want to return back, but I have made my plans and you have to do what you must. I should be away for around 5 months but I am not too sure, I will know more after a few months and when I decide to book my return ticket. I plan to return with my son, so we can travel together and he can see our house and stay for a few weeks.

I am still waiting for our container to arrive, it has taken a lot longer than I have been told or wanted, Our stuff has just arrived in Bangkok but as it has been Songkran it has delayed things a bit. I hope that our stuff will arrive before I leave, but Thailand being Thailand, you can only hope. If not, we’ll all the stuff will be kept in one of the bedroom until I return as Nui does not want to unpack things. She will spend time between our home and Mums, and I have told her that she had better keep the lawn nice and watered as I have spent a lot of time trying to keep it from dying in this very dry weather. I am not too worried as she loves to water the garden in the evening, as the sun goes down, as it’s cooler and the water will not evaporate.

I have learnt a lot over the past few months , and when I return, I will make sure we have Internet and my blogs will be more frequent and with take pictures, but not having my PC and no internet in the house, has limited my blogs and pictures downloads. I love taking pictures and have been taking photographs but have limited by hobby here, as I am unable to download any photographs or file and edit them.

Living in Thailand, and especially Chiang Mai, had been good for my health. I do not use salt, and when I do its in the form of fish sauce to food, I have been drinking beer , but not as much as I thought I would. The food here is low in fat ( Apart from the occasional pork dishes but I do not eat the fat unless it’s crackling ) my carbohydrate intake has also been deuces, and I have managed to find some nice bread, but have stopped eating bread as much as I did in the UK, and as far as the wonderful spud is concerned, they have a limited choice here , normally one type of potato. All these factors have resulted in me loosing inches off my waist , I have no idea how much in weight as I have had no way of weighing myself. So when I return , I hope the same weight, I know that I will be a healthier person and my weight will drop off over the months and years.

I know my Father had moved to Sri Lanka as the warm weather was a lot better for them, as well as the pace of life. There is a lot to say about warmer climates and a slower pace of life effecting your health .


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