Eating food while sitting on the floor ( Or A step closer to Chiang Mai)

Well, the plans moving to Chiang Mai have started to be put into place.

Nui , my other half, will be flying out to Chiang Mai in September, as her mother is ill.  Thai’s, especially the elderly, have had a hard life, more so in the country areas, as they do a lot of farming. They spend most of their time, bending, kneeling when they are farming and doing their chores in the fields etc.

When you spend time with your Thai families, friends, it’s usual to see them eat while sitting on the floor, more so in the country areas. I have been to relatives in the city and they eat on tables and of course the restaurants also use tables. So the younger generation, in the cities, do eat differently from their parents, but in the country areas its a normal practice to sit on the floor and eat traditionally.

I must confess, I do find it hard to sit on the floor for a long length of time. On one occasion, when I was at my mum in laws, there were a lot of people from the village visiting. Well, I was the reason for this, I was the focus of the attention as this was my first visit to the village and everyone wanted to see who Nui was with. So I had walked into the kitchen to find about 15 women there, all sitting on the floor eating and talking away. Then when I appeared, there was a lot of commotion and introductions ( Mainly in Thai and broken english) , someone gave me a char to sit on , and I refused and sat on the floor. There were a lot of smiles as I sat down and took a plate and helped myself to the various plates of food placed on the mat. Everyone was seated on the floor, in a loose circle while the food too central place, and when you had finished eating your bits of food you then tried other plates.

The food was a complete mixture, from deep fried fish, a Chiang Mai, favourite, as they don’t have much fish in Chiang Mai, as it has no coastline, you can get good fish, as its transported, live, in large trucks to Chiang Mai, and the price of the fish is represented in cost of the transportation. Its not a general rule but I have found that fish is cooked in a more varied way on the coast, while in Chiang Mai a lot of the ladies , including my good lady, are not expert in the cooking of fish. However she loves fish and on our trips to Bangkok, fish is very much on the menus, and she will eat it at every chance.

I digress, so, a lot of the elderly have problems with their knees. I have walked around the village and saw a lot of the older men and women hobbling and using sticks etc to walk. This included my mum in law. Her knees are getting worse so Nui has decided to go to Thailand early to look after her. This is the main reason, it also will make life easier for her, as the work here is also taking its tole, so in a month or so Nui will be back to normal and rested.

When we there they a year or so ago, we had a lady come to the house and give us all a massage, goodness it was ace, a Thai massage does get to those knotty muscles, and at a cost of £2.00 for an hour massage , well work it. We diid not have change of a Bht 500 note, so we told her to keep the money and Mum will call her when she need a massage, so Mum had a few massages ti use. So all were happy.

I will be moving there in January, n flights booked as yet, Nui’s flights are and all is sorted, she will be staying with family (Our Bangkok side of the family) for a day or so before flying to Chiang Mai.

So things are happening, its an exciting and at the same time a nervous time. There will be a lot to organise and to plan but it has to be done and I will see what needs to be shipped and what needs to be binned and given away.

DSC_8304 THA_4282

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