Table Or No Table

One of the things I found when I have visited Thailand, is how comfortable the Thai’s are at sitting on the floor. No most of them are thin and there asses not as well “cushioned” as mine, but I find sitting on the floor begins to get uncomfortable after 15 minutes or so.
I remember when I first went to my mum-in-laws , there were a lot of the local villagers in the kitchen, surrounding lots of plates of food on the floor. There they were all sitting on mats, the food in the centre, and every now and then taking some food from the centre and putting it onto their plate while chatting away.

I remember them all laughing and cheering when I sat on the floor with them, (I am a great believer in blending in, when in Rome etc) I sat there for about 15 minutes, and now and then moving from one buttock to another. It was then they chatted a bit and then laughed as they handed me a cushion to sit on. I , obliged and sat on the cushion, I must admit I was a bit relieved.
They told me that they sat like this all the time, and have been doing it this way since they were children, and its the Thai way. You will see that a lot of the local Thai houses don’t have tables, and if they do they still sit on the floor except if Falangs or special guests come.

When we eat at home , here in the UK, my girlfriend still sits on the floor. We eat using the coffee table. We don’t have a large table new to the lack of space. So she sits on the floor , while eating at the coffee table. Its how she likes it and is comfortable .
So that brings me to the question, table or no table when we move. I think we will have a compromise, we while having a Thai kitchen ( Also known as a smelly kitchen by some) that is outside, and we will have a wooden table outside in the garden, I will get a coffee table for the living room so we can swap from one too the other when the mood takes us, or the weather makes the decision for us.
Chiang Mai is famous for its carved wooded furniture and carvings so we will be looking for a bargain when we look for the garden furniture.
When you visit the Temples, anywhere in Thailand you will not see any chairs there, you sit on the floor and the Monks, if they are there, will sit on a flat platform , slightly raised about the floor. Etiquette in the Temple is that the Monks are slightly seated above the worshipers, and when you get up and leave , you don’t stand up fully, but crouch showing respect until you leave the Temple.
DSC_8058 DSC_8630

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