Staying for a month in Chiang Mai

When I was looking to stay for a month in Chiang Mai, with the purpose buying house, I found it very hard to find the local Chiang Mai B & B’s and small hotels etc. Every time I looked for these places on search engines like Google and MSN etc. All the results I got, were the large travel agents and sponsored sites from the UK and small hotels around the UK. Nothing in Thailand itself.

I didn’t was to spend a small fortune staying at a large hotel for a month, and the fact our two sons would be joining us after two weeks, for the remaining time there, would double the cost. So what can I do.

It was only when I was at a party at my Nui’s friends House, full of Thai ladies and their other half’s, that I was told the solution. I was chatting to one of the husbands, as you do, its normal practice for the wives to go to the kitchen, eat and talk (For ages by the way), leaving the men to sit around either chatting to each other or looking around at their phones, checking their watches.

Anyways, I was telling one of the guys of my predicament and he told me a simple solution. The solution will work for any other time you are searching for accommodation or anything outside the country you are in, or in a specific country.

When you are searching for local accommodation in Thailand, don’t just type in or, as these sites will only search for the UK, or the major sites will come up with Com.
Type in the local search engine address of the country you are looking at, This in my case would be, the TH being Thailand. Bingo I got the local places, shops and all the sites you would find if you were in Thailand.

The other tip I was told, and a good one, was to also use another search engine that is not as well-known and not heavily sponsored and you will not get lots of sponsored sites coming up. It also does not trace or kept your searches and you get good local searched, and not directed to your country, or major sites, like a lot of the major ones do. So try

I ended up staying at a great place called “Homestay Rice Barns” in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai. Al and his wife Nok were brilliant and we still keep in touch. We stayed in a Rice barn and later our sons stayed in two other rooms in another building. All at a reasonable price.  We will be staying there again for a month while we sort out our new house, when we move. If you want to look at the site it’s on trip adviser.

The site links are :-  ( The price is wrong on this site, just enquire for the real price) Our home for a monthThe rice barn at nightA Nui enjoying the garden beside the pond

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