The experience of using Thai Toilets

How to use a toilet, Thai sign

This is the normal Thai Toilet.
This is the normal Thai Toilet.

If you have even been to Thailand, or are planning to visit, you may have to face the experience of a Thai toilet.
You may have visited the land of smiles and never had this unique experience. If you had stayed in a hotel or hostel and only looked and ventured around the main city, the chances are you may have never come across one.

You may see small signs showing a person standing on a toilet bowl and a red line across it, stating that you should not stand on the toilet bowl. These signs are fairly common and if you search the internet you can come across photographs of injuries to Thais who have broken the toilet bowl because they have been standing on them

So why the signs?

I have attached a photograph of a Thai toilet on this post and as you can see, there are two places for your feet and a hole to do the “necessary”.

I have also attached a few amusing photos of toilet signs that are also quite commonBangkok Thailand Restroom Toilet Signs no_farting_funny_thai_toilet_sign_print-r7bcf253587794d95a51ab36306269d86_wad_8byvr_512 weird-toilet-signs-1

The things to note.

There will be no toilet paper but there may be a shower spray to clean yourself afterwards. There will be no towel etc, to dry yourself with either. So my advice, bring wet wipes with you and some small tissues.

There will be a tub / tub of water, normally one under a tap, with a scoop of some sort. As there is no flushing mechanism to the toilet so you use the scoop and pour the water down the toilet until all the “evidence” has gone.

To wash your hands you take the scoop or shower and pour it over your hands to clean, but in doing so, make sure the water does not go into the water container / tub, but onto the floor or drain. Insuring the container stays clean.

These toilets will be very common in the restaurants the further you go outside the larger cities.

I hope this has helped you, and not scared you from using these local amenities.

Thank you for your comment.

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