If there are two things Thai Ladies like most of all are talking and eating, and generally at the same time. You will find food is the central part of a Thais life, and they do eat every few hours or more given half a chance.
Now let’s say I am not the slimmest falang in the world so when I got home from my month long house hunting trip, I was very surprised, and not to forget happy that I had lost a stone in weight. It took a while to think this through as I was eating lots and drinking loots of the wonderful beer, (Chiang beer being my beer of choice)

It was then I worked out that if you eat every 2-3 hours, low fat food, it increases your metabolism and after a while lose weight. We were eating every few hours, things like noodles, with fresh vegetables and chicken which was boiled. So if I had partaken of less beer I most likely lost more weight. The food, along with the heat seems to treat me well.

When you invite a Thai over for a chat, or a bite to eat, you have to be prepared for anything. I found that inviting one person, may include half the village. One person is invited and they happen to mention it to another who mentions it to another and before you know it your kitchen and floor is full to capacity.

This happened the first time I went to my ladies village, I woke up, a bit late, and walked into the kitchen. Now the kitchen is a stoned floor building with wooded sides and a tinned roof, typical of the village, the main house is a bricked building with bedrooms. So I walk into the kitchen in my PJ trousers and a tee shirt to be greeted buy about 15 women. They were all sitting on the floor, typical of Thailand, and they were surrounding all these plates of food on the floor.
It was after about a minute I got myself together and I sat on the floor and was introduced to all the ladies. I still to this day can’t remember their names, I remember a few. I find that I have difficulty with Thai names as they bare no resemblance to English names to have little point of reference. Names like Nook , Nok, nong, Pook, etc. Each one pronounced slightly different, so one nook may sound (To the European ear) as the same as another nook not it’s not. I will most likely go into the Thai language at a later date, or attempt to explain it.

The Thai’s have a great way of getting around the mass visiting problem, it’s simple, and they bring food with them. So there you are people popping in, with either food they have already cooked or, they will pop over to the cooking area and cook the food in your kitchen. The food is placed in various coloured and patterned plates on the floor, a few bowls of sticky rice here and there and all you do is get your own plate, and sample what you want with a good handful of sticky rice.

Breakfast can be anything really, there are one or two things that are served at breakfast but it’s not unusual to have the thai chicken curry you have left over from last night as brekkie.

On my first trip to Thailand, I was told by my good lady that a few relatives were visiting us at the hotel and they were going to take us to a restaurant. Great I thought, a nice meal to meet the family. So out the hotel we go to be greeted by a minibus, I I pop and there were about 20 people in the minibus, a few were relatives and the rest were with the relatives. So I was introduced to all in sundry, and it took me a while to get my head around the whole thing.

We ended up going to a wonderful restaurant and I had a great time. I still don’t know most of the people there, but do know the three family member we were to meet. I know them very well now and I still look back on the first meeting with fondness. This is the occasion I was names “Meow Falang” by my new granddaughter. This will be in another story.


So in short, when visitors come to visit, be prepared for 2 or 3 or 20 or 30, a car or even a mini bus. Keep your good whisky hidden and any alcohol or food you don’t want to be used in a hidie hole somewhere. Remember what’s in your fridge is everyone’s, and visa versa when you visit theirs.

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