2015. A year of excitement and dread ahead

I was on the way to my mum in laws house in the mountains of Chiang Mai and saw this, what a great way to come across working elephants.
I was on the way to my mum in laws house in the mountains of Chiang Mai and saw this, what a great way to come across working elephants.

Well, first of all thank you for looking at my blog, even if it’s a quick glance.

So why is it called My Thailand ? Why have I decided to do a blog in the first place?

I suppose a quick background about myself would explain all that without waffling on too much.

I have retired a year ago even thought I am in my late 50’s I was in a lucky position to retire on a reasonable pension, but not good enough to live comfortably, I was just fed up with the work I was in.

I have been a single parent for a very long time and my son, who is in his early 20’s still lives with me and trying to get employment. I live with a wonderful Thai lady, who is also working and between us we have a reasonable wage coming in. She is also in her 50’s a few years younger and has been over in the Uk for about 14 years.

I have always wanted to move to Thailand, as it’s a beautiful country and the people are friendly and open.  I had originally intended, before meeting my other half I would like to point out, to move to Thailand, buy a flat and enjoy a better life style with my pension that I would over in the Uk. If I needed a bit of human contact, there were lots of bars to get that. This way I had no ties and no hassle. I know it seems a bit cold, but I had spend many a year trying to find a partner , to no avail, so became pragmatic.

My pension is Ok but I still have to take up seasonal jobs to make our life butter and to have a bit of money to have aside in case of car break downs and those unforeseen expense’s

Last year we went to Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand for a month with the sole purpose to buy a house. We were lucky and found a brand new build in Hang Dong and bought it. It’s a reasonable price house, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and it has a good space for several cars to park. All for around £50,000 ( $76,640 or Baht 2,528,400)

The dread in the move is simple. I have been a single parent, with all the ups and downs for oh, around 16 years, and my son and I are very close. So, he will be staying in the Uk, there are several reasons, the main one being this is his home, and the second in a Visa problem. The Thai visa system I will be explaining later in the blog.

The excitement is the big move, a new start, better way of life and all the stuff that comes with it.

So why the Blog? Why is it called My Thailand.

There are several reasons,

1) This will be my journey, experiences and feelings in the process of moving, setting up and living in Chiang Mai Thailand, so this is my experience of My Thailand


2) It will be a place to vent, explain and put to paper my feelings anonymously.

3) To help others, who may want to move to Thailand and through this blog, give advice, as its learn and hope to ease their move or decision to or not to move.

4) I know that when I do move, I will need several outlets to keep me interested, as I am well aware, through friends in Thailand, that boredom is a big danger .

5) I have had this in mind for some time now and I have several ideas to put this into a website, and you never know , may earn some extra income. I will not go into this, as yet, as I may put these into any action, but you never know.


So I hope you have enjoyed my first entry to my blog and hope you have enjoyed reading it.





2 thoughts on “2015. A year of excitement and dread ahead”

  1. I thank you for writing a blog with both an optimistic as well pragmatic approach to living in a foreign country. I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure in “my Thailand”; all the very best in this new chapter in your life.

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